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From Cooper Co. MO Genweb site.

Anne née Cathey; wife of Major William Hamilton Moore; born 18 Oct 1792 in Haywood County, North Carolina; emigrated to Cooper County in 1817; died 28 Apr 1867; daughter of Major George and Margaret Cathey 
CATHEY Anne (I444)



Listing from the Illinois state wide marriages on-line data base. 
Family F42

Nellie notes on the 1910 census she was the mother of twelve children ten living at the time. 
GARVEY unknown (I357)
Mary Anne Jansen, 54, passed peacefully into Heaven in the early hours of Monday, July 21, 2008, after a 15-month-long battle with brain cancer. She was a resident of Greenwood.

She was born to Robert J. and Beatrice L. Ash on Oct. 14, 1953, in Sedalia, Mo. Mary Anne graduated from North Central High School in 1971. She earned a degree in nursing from Indiana University in 1973. She and her husband, Paul, were married in 1974 and settled in the Center Grove area in Johnson County, where they raised their three children.

Mary Anne began her career at Methodist Hospital, working as a registered nurse in the cardiovascular unit and later in the oncology department. Following the birth of her children, she worked at Community Hospital South in the progressive care unit before leaving nursing to devote her full attention to her family.

She was active in her community and poured her considerable talents into the lives of her children - first at Maple Grove Elementary as president of the PTO and a Girl Scout leader and then at Center Grove High School, where her contributions to the choral and theater departments touched the lives of countless others.

A motherly figure to many, Mary Anne was often referred to as "Mama J" by the members of Center Grove's award-winning show choirs, Debtones and Sound System. Along with her husband, Paul, Mary Anne served the choral department in various capacities, including as president of the Center Grove Choir Parents Organization.

She was beloved and admired for her creativity and for her tireless commitment to the program and the students she served (as well as for her ability to affix rhinestones and sequins to any surface). She loved to garden, sew, cook and entertain family and friends at every opportunity.

She is survived by her husband, Dr. Paul T. Jansen; three children, Jennifer L. Jansen, John P. (Shannon) Jansen and Julie A. Jansen; her parents, Bob and Betty Ash of Greenwood; two sisters, Nancy (Kay) Ash-Shofner of Denver and Carol (Joe) Ash Egan of West Lafayette; her father-in-law, Ralph J. Jansen of Greenwood; a sister-in-law, Mary Ann (Rick) Arnold; five brothers-in-law, R. Joseph (Jill) Jansen, David L. (Ann) Jansen, James M. (Beth) Jansen, John F. (Susan) Jansen and Gerald E. (Barbara) Jansen; 19 nieces and nephews; and four great-nieces and great-nephews.

ASH Mary Anne (I856)
maybe McPherson

Alternate birth 1805 Muhlenberg, Kentucky 
CARROLL Elizabeth (I37)
6  RAND Moses (I405)
7 Peter age 41 is living with Mary A., age 33 both born in Ireland. The census record shows Peter working in a saloon. Children listed were Mary A. age 11, Thomas age 9, Dan age 7, John age 5, James age 3 and Ellen age 2; all born in Michigan.
On the death certificate Helena Behen, Elizabeth Stanton Behen's daughter it states Elizabeth's birth place as Adrian, MI. This is the primary fact leading me to this family. There is also an old family photo of Elizabeth and two of her sisters, Nellie Stanton Spence and Mary O'Boyle. Mary is clearly older, these girls are also listed with this Elizabeth in the 1860 census record. Nellie is a common Irish nickname for Ellen. Another piece of the puzzle is the Ed Behen baby book. It gives his great grandmother (on the Stanton side) as Mary. The baby book does give the maternal great grandfather as James but no Mary and James with daughters Elizabeth, Nellie and Mary in Adrian can be found. Finally, in Bloomington Nellie Spence's tombstone list her maiden name as Staunton, father Peter and mother Helen. Again one piece of the information does not fit, (Helen) but I have often found cemetery transcriptions to be inaccurate. There is a son with the family and his name is James. This could also be the J. Stanton listed in Frank's obituary. Perhaps Peter was Peter James or Peter died when Elizabeth was young and brother James was the only male Stanton the family had contact with, so when the time to fill out the baby book came, James was the name which came to mind.
The exact census location is Madison, Lenawee, MI. Madison is today currently a township with in the city of Adrian, where we find the family in 1860. 
STANTON Peter (I52)
8 Clyde Harold Ash Jr's Social Security Claimes index list parents as Clyde A and Blanche Cunniff. ASH Clyde Adelbert (I29)
9 William Mitchell Clay father of William Clay and Judith Clay is currently unsourced and there is much confusion on the internet about the connection. This has been entered into my data base but is tentative, I did so only to show the connections between the Clay, Farley, Tyree and Dillion lines from Virginia to Missouri. Other research used was: "The Tyree Tree" by Watts, "One Ladd's Family" by Ladd Clay and Farley discussion on Genforum. Family F172
10 "Bits and Pieces about the county and it's people, gathered after the Benton County Histories were printed. Mostly exerpts from newspapers. Source (S236)
11 #15915 page 159 BEHEN Catherine (I36)
12 KELSAY Tabitha F. (I128)
13 1820 census list two males 16-25 years of age; one must be Thomas. Estimated birth is calculated from this information. THACKER Jesse (I853)
14 1820 census list two males 16-25 years of age; one must be Thomas. Estimated birth is calculated from this information. THACKER Thomas (I849)
15 1850 census from ancestry has the family listed as I.M. Strone, however if you look at the actual record it is clearly J.M. Stone. Family F33
16 1850 census has John and I belive his brother Robert Stone living with the Higgenbottom family. On the page before John is Sarah Nugent ( has it as Megant) living with her siblings. NUGENT Sarah Jane (I348)
17 1850 Census Lucy reports her age as 60. TYREE Lucy (I487)
18 1850 Jersey Co. IL census (Ely F Gerrell) list birth place for Eli as Pennsylvania, however the biographies of William and Robert list their fathers birth place as New Jersey and Delaware respectively. Ancestral data from Mrs. Wood gives March 1, 1788 as birth for Ely. FITZJERRELL Ely (I127)
19 1860 census Judith is living with sister Hannah Tyree-Willard. Birth date is taken from this census. TYREE Judith (I491)
20 1860 shows John Ash living in Montgomery Co., IL. He was living with the Andrew J. Thompson family. This census was done in July and John was married to Tabitha Fitzgerald in September. ASH John Wesley (I27)
21 1860 shows Peter and Mary living with children May (Mary) age 21, Thomas age 19, Daniel age 17, John age 15, James age 14, Ellen (Nellie) age 12, Elisabeth age 10 and Catherine age 8. Peter's occupation at this time was listed as laborer. The ages and the place in Michigan match the 1850 census. The county is the same but instead of Madison it is Adrian, Michigan. Madison is now a township located with in the Adrian, Michigan city limits. STANTON Peter (I52)
22 1870 he is listed as Edward W on 1880 census listed as William E RAND William Edward (I349)
23 1870 Mortality Schedule list place of birth as Illinois. ROBERTS Rebecca (I989)
24 1880 Census list an Enid J age 6 months, this is close to the age of Emma Josephine and may be the same child. LAMBETH Emma Josephine (I262)
25 1880 census list birthplace as New York but daughter Nora's death certificate list birth place of mother as Iowa. LYNCH Elizabeth (I117)
26 1880 census list George as age 10. SPENCE George (I78)
27 1880 census list the following

Joseph Spence age 32 born in New York
Nellie Spence, wife, age 30 born in Michigan
George Spence, son, age 10 born in Michigan
Helena Spence, daughter, age 8 born in Michigan
James Spence, son, age 6 born in Michigan
Anna Spence, daughter, age 1 born in Michigan 
STANTON Ellen (I54)
28 1880 Census-Osage county, MO

Name Age
Benjiman Sutton 69
Lu ... Sutton 52
William E. Rond 20

William is listed as stepson

Family F105
29 1895 Patron Directory of Henry County, Missouri

- Farmer and Stock Raiser - PO Calhoun - T43 R24 S20 
DILLON Alfred Grovner (I13)
30 1900 census and death certificate for Amanda Hurst Drummon list birthdate as December, 1865. Tombstone list 1866. HURST Amanda E (I314)
31 1900 census finds the family still in Isabella county but living near Coe in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Family members listed are:

Michail (Michael) Oboyle age 63
Mary Oboyle age 62
Catharine whom I belive to be Kittie age 21

Five families down from Mary and Michael are Nellie and William Tobin. I believe this is Mary and Michael's daughter and son-in-law. The same William Tobin family Mary is living with in Seattle in 1920. 
STANTON Mary A. (I53)
32 1900 census gives a birth date of December 1862. Death certificate states December 7, 1864.
SCHRECKLER William Peter (I88)
33 1900 census John reports being widowed. MILLER Sarah Jane (I345)
34 1900 census list

Joseph Spence age, 49
Nellie Spence age, 48
Emma E. Spence age 30
Hellina Spence age 24 
STANTON Ellen (I54)
35 1900 census list a birthdate of March 1858, tombstone also reads 1858. Death certificate list 1859. DRUMMOND Milton A (I313)
36 1900 census list birth as July 1882
Social security death index list July 28, 1882 
BURCHAM Grover M (I304)
37 1900 census list Clyde's date of birth as July 1892 BURCHAM R Clyde (I306)
38 1900 census list date of birth as March 1886, WWII draft card list a date of March 18, 1886 and place of birth Osage County Missouri PENDELL Everett Martin (I380)
39 1900 Census list date of birth as September, 1856, death certificate list 1857. We will use the 1856 date due to the fact is is closer to the event and may have been reported by Sam. Death certificate information is only as good as the informant and their state of mind due to the grief.

Death certificate list father as A Pendell and mother as Cox (not correct), Tabitha could have been thinking her maiden name when giving information for Sam's death certificate. 
PENDELL Samuel (I378)
40 1900 census list Earl as being born Feb. 1894 SAPPINGTON Earl (I323)
41 1900 Census list Emma N as born in December of 1892. SAPPINGTON Emma Nora (I288)
42 1900 Census list Jewell as Mary J, age 3 birth month February.

1910 Census list Jewell M age 13 
SAPPINGTON Jewell Mary (I290)
43 1900 Census list marriage date of 1872 Family F69
44 1900 census records Anna living with sons James, Edward, Patrick and cousin James Powers. James and Anna both report an emigration to the US in 1857. CASS Anna (I788)
45 1900 census reports a date of birth as December 1862. SCHRECKLER William Peter (I88)
46 1900 census reports November 1871. BRYAN Edward Malachi (I799)
47 1900 census says July, 1869. BRYAN James Francis (I800)
48 1900 Census-Sam B. Pendell Cleburne, Johnson, Texas

Name Age
Sam B Pendell 43
Tobiatha Pendell 44
Cora Pendell 20
Evert Pendell 14
Alva Pendel l9
Family F116
49 1900 Census-Wenatchee, Chelan, Washington

Frances birthdate is given as February, 1841. She is living with daughter Edna Cox Ryan. 
MORROW Frances Ann (I372)
50 1900 OK cenus give us the month and year of birth for William, Austin, Leroy, Hannah Dillon-Williams and Sarah Failer.

Hannah reports being the mother of five children, four living. 
DILLON Hannah L. (I366)

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