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Edward Dillon

Short review of known information on Edward Dillon

According to the history of Henry County, Edward L. Dillon was born in Dublin, Ireland. Immigration records show an Edward L. Dillon immigrating to America in 1825. It is believed that Edward came to America through the port in Baltimore, Maryland. The 1830 census records Edward living in Cooper County, Missouri. Living with Edward in 1830 was one male under the age of five, two males age five to ten, one male ten to fifteen, one male twenty to thirty and one male thirty to forty (this would be Edward), two females under the age of five, one female fifteen to twenty and one female twenty to thirty (wife Margaret Hardy). Census years 1840, 1850 and 1860 find Edward living in Sarcoxie, Jasper County, Missouri.
While searching the Circuit court records in Cooper County, Missouri I found two court cases involving Edward Dillon. Both court cases involved Edward being the defendant in cases involving outstanding debt. The first case involved debt owed to a William Wallace for an assortment of clothing, cloth and sundries. Wallace claimed Edward owed him for these goods. Edward presented evidence he had worked for Wallace to pay for these goods. The final entry in this case was a note which stated Edward could not be found in Cooper County and could not be summoned to court. The second case was similar in nature where Edward had purchased services of the local blacksmith. As with the first case the last entry noted Edward could not be found in Cooper County. The second case did mention two sons Lamb and George. The case was apparently resolved by confiscation of land owned by Edward in Cooper County. Dates on these two cases ranged in time from 1841 to 1843.
The historical sketch of Alfred Dillon, grandson of Edward Dillon, states Edward died in Sarcoxie, Missouri and wife Margaret Hardy died in Cedar County, Missouri. From the obituary of Thomas Dillon, son of Edward we know he also had sons named C.H. (Charles), Joseph, E. J. (Edward) and Richard (William). The 1850 census also list other children living with Edward and Margaret, but without further documentation I am hesitant attaching these children to Edward. Most likely they are the children of Margaret and Edward, but could also be children of a son or other family member.

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