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 Old Lambeth Cemetery-Osage County, MO, Near Useful, Osage, Missouri, United States


I have not located this cemetery, transcription is presented to aid other researchers.

Old Lambeth Cemetery

Taken from: “Cemeteries of Osage County, MO’ collected, edited and published by Little Red Hen Publishing, known also as K. Filppo, Hope, MO.

Survey done: February 27, 1988

“Osage County, MO., Crawford Twp. T43 N/ R 7 W / Sec. 25 Located near Useful, Missouri. Take U.S. 50 to Useful. On the east side of “town” take the county road 821 to your right, which is south. Follow this past Cox Cemetery to the entrance of the Circle K Ranch, about 1 mile. Ranch gate will be on left. Follow lane nearly 6/10ths to the ranch buildings. First will be a mobile home on the right. The ranch house itself is ahead and to the left. Cemetery is 2/10ths of a mile northeast (maybe just north) of house through feed lots and pasture. Two gates.

Between the gates is a large old house that is falling apart, but is interesting in that it is rally two log cabins with a “dog trot” in between. The left (and back) side is two stories, with the staircase on the outside.

We were escorted to the cemetery by a group of cows who were very interested in this surveying business and wanted to help. And help they did. It takes longer with tem helping…one has to move them bodily to be able to read the stones! And one must have been allergic to us, because she sneezed a lot.

This cemetery is the perfect example of why our small family cemeteries MUST BE FENCED! In a few years, the cows will have all the stones broken or destroyed and the graves will be lost.

Graves are scattered. Three full slabs, 9 native rocks, and several pieces of headstones and footstones. Listing starts with the far right slab and continues clockwise. The first slab would be equal to the 8 on a clock face, and the last rock equal to about the 1.

Right Slab
William E.

Left Slab
Leander A.

Next Slab
No Headstone
Footstone E.M.J.L.

Stone A
L. Emma

Stone A
Tomas (?)

Stone B

Transcriber guesses E.M.J.L.

Stone C
Mc J
No dates

Stone D

S.H. footstone only

Stone E.

?uel H.
Jan 1

Stone F

Small piece “born Sept.

Stone G

Stone H


Stone I

Small piece
Only 1882

My interpretation:

The son of Joseph Lambeth and Rhoda Louden was named Eli. On the 1870 census he is listed as Eli Mc J Lambeth and living in the area of this cemetery. I believe the Footstone listed in this transcription is Eli Mc J Lambeth (E.M.J.L.) and the footstone goes with stone B 1816-1875. Eli died prior to 1884 and was born in 1846. I have seen more than one number four on a tombstone look like a one at first glance. I also believe this is Eli because of the L. Emma. Eli has a daughter Luemma on the 1870 census and her age is two (born 1868). If you have additional information please contact me.