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901 Three stones beneath a cedar tree found by Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stocking on the Henry Harms farm near the old Balltown bridge. Graves found were of John Tyree, Mary Keen-Tyree and their granddaughter Elizabeth Brown. Stones found in 1975. KEEN Mary Ann (I495)
902 Three stones beneath a cedar tree found by Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stocking on the Henry Harms farm near the old Balltown bridge. Graves found were of John Tyree, Mary Keen-Tyree and their granddaughter Elizabeth Brown. Stones found in 1975. TYREE John Claiborne, Jr. (I490)
903 Timothy and Mary both reported on the 1870 census they could not read or write. Timothy also reported he was a U.S. citizen. HAYS Timothy, Sr (I789)
904 Timothy was living next door to a John Hays in the 1860 census. This could have been a brother, but since Timothy's name is John Timothy would the family have given another son the name John? However, he could have been something like Michael John and went by his middle name like Timothy. The connection is unknown at this time but surely they were related. Also living very close to the Hays's were the Downings. Mary Downing Hays's mother has been listed on the cemetery records as Ellen. The Downing's living in the same area (four census pages away) have an Ellen of the right age and birthplace. The son's listed with the Downings also appear later living in Carroll County, MO just a few miles from the Hays family in Saline County, MO. HAYS Timothy, Sr (I789)
905 Tombstone for Mary is broken, day and year born are readable but month is not. She is not listed on the 1850 census but birth year on the tombstone list 1850 and day 13th. The census date is September 2nd therefore the month must be September, October, November or December. EDDS Mary E. (I217)
906 Tombstone gives a birth year of 1888, his WW II draft registration card reports 1889. COLBERT Robert D. (I841)
907 Tombstone gives birth and death dates.

Place of birth listed in the Portrait and biographical record of Macoupin county, Illinois

Death index of daughter list mother as Nancy Margaret Walker

Obituary of Nancy list birth as Colwell county Kentucky, assumption is Caldwell county Kentucky 
WALKER Nancy Margaret (I917)
908 Tombstone inscription Sept. 16, 1892 MILLER Nancy (I274)
909 Tombstone inspection, Montgomery County Settlers and Probate papers indicate 1859 as death date. ASH Elijah (I33)
910 Tombstone is unreadable online, will check county transcription. LAMBETH William E (I259)
911 Tombstone is very faded, a bit of powder brought out the details. HAYS Agnes (I830)
912 Tombstone list birth and death dates

Portrait and biographical record of Macoupin county, Illinois states she died at home.

Obituary states she was the mother of 12 children, 4 died in infancy. 
WALKER Nancy Margaret (I917)
913 Tombstone list birth and death dates. THACKER Zachariah (I850)
914 Tombstone of John Tyree as reported by the "Enterprise, 1975" a Benton county newspaper. Title of the article "Couple locate grave of first civil war casualty" TYREE John Claiborne, Jr. (I490)
915 Tombstone photo KETCHUM Ira (I208)
916 Tombstone photo FITZJERRELL Phoebe (I207)
917 Tombstone reads "Aged 76 years 5 months 26 days" LAMBETH Lytle (I37)
918 Tombstone reads "Wife of Lytle Lambeth" Family F39
919 Tombstone reads "Wife of Lytle Lambeth" Source (S94)
920 Tombstone reads 19 years old Julie Ann (I33)
921 Tombstone reads 76 ys 5 ms 26 ds, if the transcription is correct it could be September 15, 1806 and not September 11, 1806 LAMBETH Lytle (I37)
922 Tombstone reads Cynthia D HART Cynthia D (I164)
923 Tombstone reads: Lucretia Ellis-wife of Lytle Lambeth-Died Nov'r 11, 1876 Aged 56 Yrs. 3ms. 5ds ELLIS Lucretia (I209)
924 Twin of Lela. GREENE Lester E. (I722)
925 Upon viewing the tombstone in person the exact date was April 9, 1853 Julie Ann (I33)
926 Was given an additional 1000 dollars in his fathers will, provided he take care of him until death. MCFATRICH John (I61)
927 Was listed as daughter, single on 1910 census SAPPINGTON Anna M (I287)
928 We know from the 1850 and 1860 census all of Peter's children where born in Michigan, Elizabeth in particular Adrian, MI.

In 1840 there is a Peter Stanton living in Adrian, MI with:

Female age 0-5 This would be Mary A.

Female age 15-20 Unknown

Female age 20-30 This would be wife Mary

Peter's first son Thomas was not born until 1841.

All the other P or Peter Stantons in the census records do not show the right age and combination of family members. This must be our Peter, however I do not know who the mysterious teen age girl is, perhaps a sister to Mary or Peter. 
STANTON Peter (I52)
929 Wentzville, on the St. L. K. C. & N. R. W. (Norfolk & Western) 21 miles west of St. Charles, was laid out by Wm. M. Allen in 1855. Various property holders afterwards laid out additions to the town. It had 2 schools, one an academy under the superintendence of Prof. Luckett, and the other a district school; 1 Methodist church, 1 tobacco factory, 7 stores, 2 hotels, 1 carpenter shop and 1 flouring-mill. (--Gazetteer of Mo., p. 490.)
Cuivre River, from which the township takes its name is said to mean Copper River. The metal is unknown in that region, and the proper name is more reasonably Cuvre, meaning a fish pond ... (--Encyclopedia of the Hist. of Mo., Vol. 6, p. 442, 1901, Conrad.)
Wentzville is situated at Sec. 24, Range 1 East & Sec. 19, Range 2 East, Twp. 47 N, at the junction of Highways Z & 70. 
BRYAN John (I787)
930 Wesley H. Lambeth applied for a pension for Civil war service listing enrollment in the Enlisted Mo. Militia. I belive this was the 23rd EMM which organized in Osage county. His enrollment card stated he was invalided, 1891. The 23rd EEM had an all Rebel group. Wesley and his father owned slaves so it is suspect he fought for the union and bought his way out of service in the civil war. LAMBETH Wesley H. (I19)
931 When visiting in Sedalia, Pettis Co. MO-Dick would bring is costume including stove pipe hat and recite the Gettysburg address for the family, he would also answer questions as if he was Abraham Lincoln. Source (S163)
932 Why was Oliver M. Lambeth in Georgia? LAMBETH Oliver M. (I24)
933 Wife of Martin Rand reports being a widow in 1880. The date of birth for the children would fit a death date between 1878 and 1880. RAND Martin V (I408)
934 Wife on tombstone listed as Melba and Find a grave list maiden name as Ragains. Tombstone also list marriage date as September 22, 1928. SAPPINGTON Joseph G (I298)
935 Will entered into court in February of 1856, assumption is she died shortly before this time. FARLEY Chloe (I227)
936 Will of Squire Boone Sappington-1876

Taken from Henry County, Missouri Probate files. Vol 304  #2989  Roll 8488
I Squire Boon Sappington of the County of Henry and State of Missouri do make and publish this my last will and testament. I will and bequeath to my Wife Jemmima M. Sappington all my personal property and all my real property to do as She Thinks best with except five Dollars to be given to each one of my children after the debts is all paid.  I also appoint as my Executor my son Martin Luther Sappington and Grandeson B. Sappington my two sons.  Witness my hand 8th day of Dec 1876.
                                                                                      Squire Boon  X  Sappington
P.L. Elbert
L.Y. Pigg

Signed and acknowledge by the above named S.B. Sappington to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request subscribed our names as witness this 8th day of Dec 1876
Family F82
937 Will of Wade Mosby was dated October 20, 1884 and filed in Probate on November 13, 1884. MOSBY Wade (I404)
938 Will reproduced in "The Tyree Tree" by Dorothy Chambers Watts Gen 929.2 W349 pages 13-15 Source (S235)
939 Will was entered into Benton County Court July 28, 1858. DILLON Meredith (I228)
940 Will was entered into Benton County, MO court on July 28th, 1858. DILLON Meredith (I228)
941 Will was entered into Franklin Co.,VA court in October of 1812, placing date of death sometime in 1812. CLAY William (I501)
942 Will was recorded September 2, 1839 in Franklin Co., VA. A copy of the will is published in the Tyree Tree by Dorothy Watts. In the will he names wife Hanna, three unmarried daughters Lucy, Salley and Judith. Also named are his "ten Children namely: Hiram Tyre, Lucy Tyre, Salley Tyree, Milly Clay, wife of Lemuel Clay Sr., John Tyre, Judith Tyre, Beddy Dillion, wife of Thomas Dillion, William B. Tyre, Meredith C. Tyre and Hannah Willard, wife of William Willard." Hiram was named executor and will was witnessed by: Joseph Rives, Martin Tyree, H.F. Terry and H. Turnbull. TYREE John Claiborne, Sr. (I484)
943 Willam's childrens names are taken from the 1974 obituary of William Bryant. Obituary states William was the son of Richard H. and Lottie McFatrich Bryant. BRYANT William James, Sr. (I55)
944 William and Leonard both died on the same day in the same year. Perhaps someone from the Skeen family can shed some light on to what happened to these young men. SKEEN William Anderson (I288)
945 William is named heir in William Sr. will settlement dated May 14, 1900. His middle initial is listed R. 1880 and 1900 show an H for is middle name, however looking at the census records the it could be interpreted as an H or an R. FITZJERRELL William R. (I120)
946 William is named heir in William Sr. will settlement dated May 14, 1900. His middle initial is listed R. 1880 and 1900 show an H for is middle name, however looking at the census records the it could be interpreted as an H or an R. FITZJERRELL William R. (I120)
947 William Jr.'s address in William Sr.'s estate settlement is listed as Carlinville, IL. FITZJERRELL William R. (I120)
948 William names children in his will as:

Patsey Woodall, Betty Hodges, Hannah Tyree, Judah Clay, Milly Corden (?),
William Clay, John Clay and the heirs of my son Merideth Clay deceased
then goes on to name wife as Milly and and another son Ezekiel 
CLAY William (I501)
949 Williams Cemetery is also know as Union Cemetery. STONE Sarah (I355)
950 Williams Cemetery is also known as Union Cemetery in Benton County, MO. STONE Henry Lafe (I352)

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