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901 The Indian Marriage Collection 1800-1941 is the only source for this information. Andrew died in October of 1874. The couple was married just over two years. Family F44
902 The informant for Austin's death certificate was Albert Dillon, his son. The listing for mother and father of the deceased is unknown. This is unfortunate because everyone in the family I have spoken with gave a mother as Cherry Smith and father as William Dillon living in the Cole Camp, Missouri area. Birthplace for Austin on his death certificate was given as Benton county. The combination of family sources and birthplace lead the research clearly to William and Cherry as parents.

Obituary list children as Floyd, Albert, Aubrey, Roy Dillon, Mrs. Ben Bradley. List wife as the "former Laura Belle Stone" 
DILLON Austin David (I2)
903 The information about Harold's middle name comes from the draft card. BEHEN Harold Adlai (I26)
904 The Kelsay family history is a very well documented and researched source on the Kelsay family and associated lines. Source (S108)
905 The listing of heirs by Joseph Cathey was part of the probate file, this section was given to me by another Cathey family researcher, I have yet to track down the roll and page number. CATHEY William (I442)
906 The name of the cemetery on the death certificate is difficult to read. The second word is Church. It maybe Union. DILLON Judith E. (I367)
907 The newspaper clipping recounts the wedding day of A.G. and Molly Sappington Dillon. The article states the couple was married Tuesday, November 14, 1882 at the home of the bride's parents, near Windsor. Dr. G. W. Givens officiating.

Ancestry has this listed as Alfred G. Dellow and Mallie F Sappington 
Family F5
908 The obituary of John Stone gives burial as Younger Cemetery, this may be the Yeager cemetery near Edmonson. John E. Stone is burried there and other unidentified Stones. Additionally, no Younger cemetery in the area has been located. The transcription of the obituary was partially damaged and difficult to read. STONE John M. (I344)
909 The records from St. Mary's Church in Chillicothe, OH list a Helen born July 12, 1860 and baptized on July 15, 1860. I believe this is the baptismal record of Ellen. There was not enough time between Ellen and Katie to have another child. In addition the date of June 1861 for Ellen's birth given on her death certificate conflicted with the birth date of Margaret of November 1861. The July 12, 1860 date makes much more sense. Also the 1860 census was taken the month prior to Ellen's birth which is why she would not have shown on this census record. HAYS Ellen T. (I813)
910 The social security death index list date of birth December 10, 1897 and the date of death September of 1981. ASH Ralph Adelbert (I7)
911 The tombstone at Ridgepark reads a birth year of 1900, Nellie reports a birth of 1904, but the age calculated from the 1930 census would give a birth date of 1906. GARVEY Robert Patrick (I693)
912 The tombstone for Charlotte was not found on our trip to Cass cemetery. However, we were not looking for a Bewley, we were unaware of the marriage at that time. The index to the cemetery does list Charlotte Bewley. FITZJERRELL Charlotte (I192)
913 The tombstone of Susanna McFatrich-Mosby has been recently uncovered. It confirms a birth of 1790 and death of November 22, 1859. MCFATRICH Susanna (I396)
914 The transcription of the Asbury cemetery gives the date of death for Issac as 1879. However, he is very much alive in June of 1880 when the census was done. It list Naomi as his wife, Julia as daughter and J.H. as a son. Perhaps the 7 was really an 8. Naomi is listed as a widow in the 1900 census. LAWLER Isaac F. (I125)
915 The Wood's ancestral file gives middle name for William as Bacon. This would make sense given the fact his grandmother (Tabitha Kelsey's mother) maiden name was Bacon. William's brother Daniel carries a middle name of Kelsey. Elder FITZJERRELL William Bacon (I118)
916 The youngest child of William and Deborah McFatrich was born on January 2, 1852. The assumption is Deborah died of complications giving birth to Deborah McFatrich-Shackleford. MAY Deborah (I72)
917 Their first child John was born in Ireland, I am making the assumption they were married in Ireland. Family F11
918 There are 9 family members at the time of the 1840 census, two adults and three under the age of 21. Family F298
919 There are only two burials listed for Lambeth cemetery in Laclede County, Missouri.

Benjamin Lafayette Lambeth and his infant daughter Mary Bell 
LAMBETH Benjamin Lafayette (I235)
920 There is a family photo of Nora with her sister. Her sister's name was unknown until finding the 1880 census. However, I reserve judgement on wether or not the census taker got the name right, Zottella seems kind of strange. Family history reports Nora's younger sister moved to San Francisco and after the 1906 earthquake was never heard from again. COLBERT Estella (I839)
921 There is a Georgiana (son) age one listed on the 1880 census but then scratched out. SNAVELY George (I586)
922 There is a listing on for a mother and father Ireland in the Oak Hill Cemetery. The death certificate confirms this is Sarah and Frank. Here is the link to the Find A Grave page: 
DILLON Sarah (I188)
923 There is an entry which reads:

Ben: Married May 29, 1900 
Family F126
924 There is no will for Ambrose, just an inventory of his estate. The admin. of the estate was his wife Deborah Fitz Jarrell. Source (S106)
925 There is significant write-up on Leonard on the Find A Grave site. KETCHUM Leonard (I244)
926 There is some question of this connection. The possibility exist John is the brother of Mary and Patrick is John's son. DOWLING John (I120)
927 There is some speculation from other Ash researchers that Hannah was married prior to Jesse, the Illinois marriage index shows:


There is a Stephen S. Botkin d. March 29, 1873 so Hannah most likely remarried to Jesse on December 4, 1873

Family F263
928 There were very few heads of households in Philadelphia, PA at the time of the 1840 census with names which come close to resembling Andrew Behen. I believe this is our Andrew for a variety of reasons. First the place is correct, Philadelphia. Second the ages of the adults (female and male between the ages of 20 and 30). Third the ages of the children, two males under the age of five. This would correspond to the 1860 Wabash census. The two males are John and James, both would have been under five in 1840. No other children are listed. Also the information corresponds with the 1850 census. As an added point of interest the Spring Garden district in Philadelphia was a heavily Irish area with railroad connections. The baptismal records of the younger Behen children were found at St. Francis Xavier Catholic church in the Spring Garden district of Philadelphia, PA. Finally, John's birthplace in the 1860 census is given as Ireland and James as PA. John would have been born in 1837 and James in 1840. This places the family as new arrival's to the United States right around the time of James's birth. BEHEN Andrew (I29)
929 This census record list birth year and month for Hannah, her son's, granddaughter. It also list Hannah as a widow. Source (S260)
930 This census record list is the closest to the correct people and ages I have found in 1850: Andrew, Mary, John, James, Michael and Andrew. But, it list a David where Daniel should exist. However, in Ireland David and Daniel are considered the same name. It also list everyone born in PA. I don't know if this represents a mistake on the census takers part or Mary, busy with a house full of small boys just gave the easiest answer or this is not our family. However, there is no other family I have found which meets our criteria. We know from Michael's birth date and place (1845, Philadelphia) the family was in the U.S. at this time. I have found no matches in Ohio or Indiana. It would have been strange for them to have diverged from the PA to OH to IN migration path. New York or any other Irish conclaves seem to be an unreasonable choice. The baptismal records of St. Francis Xavier also support this census record. Daniel, Michael and Catherine were all baptized at this Catholic church in the Spring Garden district during the 1850's. Their baptismal records and the ages on the census records also agree. BEHEN Andrew (I29)
931 This information comes from a photo of Cleveland W. and Jewell M. Lambeth headstone. DILLON Jewell Mildred (I12)
932 This information comes from the state of IL marriage record index. Family F12
933 This is a very well documented history of the Bewley family. I owe many thanks to the descendents of Eli Fitzjerrell Bewley for the information about the Fitzjerrell's. There is one curious document which is a transcribed copy of what looks to be a first hand family bible entry by Tabitha Fitzjerrell. The page lists the births and some deaths of Tabitha and Ely Fitzjerrell's children. One entry refers to "our second child"; which makes me think this is a copy of an original source. Source (S100)
934 This is unsourced. Family F88
935 This Mary could have also been the wife of Annie's brother James. CASS Mary (I757)
936 This may be the daughter of Louisa Lambeth Cox and Henry I Cox. Louisa died in 1858, Henry and Tabitha are not found in the 1860. The TB Cox with Pleasent and Elizabeth-Lambeth Anderson during 1860 may be her. It would make sense for an aunt to take a small child after the death of her mother, Tabitha is back living with her father and his new wife in 1870. COX Tabitha (I373)
937 This son of Austin and Laura was never mentioned by my grandfather, however the death certificate clearly states he was the son of Austin and Laura Stone Dillon. The burial was in Cole Camp. A search of the available Benton County cemetery lists has not yielded a burial place. It could be at the Dillon cemetery, which to my knowledge had many of the stones removed. DILLON William (I208)
938 This source is compiled family histories, there are a number of mistakes in dates and places but the general information is accurate. Source (S196)
939 This tombstone was covered in overgrown wild yuccas and was difficult to photograph. The information about Gennetty come from this stone, she (I think) was born and dies between census years. Age at death was given as seven years. This leads me to believe she was the twin of Harriet. FITZJERRELL Gennetty (I212)
940 Thomas and Millie living with children Lucinda age 13 and Alfred age 14. DILLON Thomas A. (I63)
941 Thomas is listed as one of the early land entries of Benton County, MO. Family F32
942 Thomas married Adelaide Dorsey on May 12, 1846. It is assumed Obedience had died. TYREE Obedience (I361)
943 Three stones beneath a cedar tree found by Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stocking on the Henry Harms farm near the old Balltown bridge. Graves found were of John Tyree, Mary Keen-Tyree and their granddaughter Elizabeth Brown. Stones found in 1975. BROWN Elizabeth (I499)
944 Three stones beneath a cedar tree found by Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stocking on the Henry Harms farm near the old Balltown bridge. Graves found were of John Tyree, Mary Keen-Tyree and their granddaughter Elizabeth Brown. Stones found in 1975. KEEN Mary Ann (I495)
945 Three stones beneath a cedar tree found by Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stocking on the Henry Harms farm near the old Balltown bridge. Graves found were of John Tyree, Mary Keen-Tyree and their granddaughter Elizabeth Brown. Stones found in 1975. TYREE John Claiborne, Jr. (I490)
946 Timothy and Mary both reported on the 1870 census they could not read or write. Timothy also reported he was a U.S. citizen. HAYS Timothy, Sr (I789)
947 Timothy was living next door to a John Hays in the 1860 census. This could have been a brother, but since Timothy's name is John Timothy would the family have given another son the name John? However, he could have been something like Michael John and went by his middle name like Timothy. The connection is unknown at this time but surely they were related. Also living very close to the Hays's were the Downings. Mary Downing Hays's mother has been listed on the cemetery records as Ellen. The Downing's living in the same area (four census pages away) have an Ellen of the right age and birthplace. The son's listed with the Downings also appear later living in Carroll County, MO just a few miles from the Hays family in Saline County, MO. HAYS Timothy, Sr (I789)
948 Tombstone for Mary is broken, day and year born are readable but month is not. She is not listed on the 1850 census but birth year on the tombstone list 1850 and day 13th. The census date is September 2nd therefore the month must be September, October, November or December. EDDS Mary E. (I217)
949 Tombstone gives a birth year of 1888, his WW II draft registration card reports 1889. COLBERT Robert D. (I841)
950 Tombstone gives birth and death dates.

Place of birth listed in the Portrait and biographical record of Macoupin county, Illinois

Death index of daughter list mother as Nancy Margaret Walker

Obituary of Nancy list birth as Colwell county Kentucky, assumption is Caldwell county Kentucky 
WALKER Nancy Margaret (I917)

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