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851 Robert's death certificate list a birth date of March 02, 1864 and his tombstone list a birth of March 03, 1864. However the 1880 and 1910 he reported 1866 and on the 1900 census he states March 1866. Given this was a first person account I will go with 1866. It is also noted his father did not marry his mother (Prior/Pryor) until May 28, 1865, once again the 1866 date makes more sense. PERKINS Robert F. (I186)
852 Role:  LAMBETH Daniel M (I39)
853 Salt Lake Tribune

History: A country newsman bleeds printer's ink

Published November 9, 2012 3:04 pm

In the early spring of 1912, newspaperman William Perry Epperson and his son, Clyde, boarded the Bamberger Electric Railroad train — heralded for its "every hour, on the hour, in an hour" service — and traveled to Kaysville, Utah.
According to J.M. Cornwell's Utah Press Association: A Century Later, the two men had leased a plate-littered, "broken down" paper called The Weekly Reflex. Little did anyone know within weeks they would stimulate readership by crafting country journalism with a swell of national news.
William Epperson was born in 1859 in Abingdon, Ill. He graduated from high school at 17 and trained as a "printer's devil" on the Abingdon Express. When the 19-year-old tried but failed to publish his own newspaper he, like so many other youths, headed west.
During the late 19th century, Colorado's silver mining industry was booming. Epperson picked up odd jobs in Denver and then traveled south to Colorado City (later known as Colorado Springs).
He married his sweetheart, Leonora Ash, and the couple had two children, Clyde and Estella. William became active in Colorado City community affairs. In 1888, he purchased a weekly newspaper, The Colorado Iris. For the next 20 years, he worked with Clyde — who cut his teeth on metal type — to make it a success.
"The last decade wasn't easy," researcher and director of Layton's Heritage Museum, Bill Sanders, told me. "By 1893, the silver market was collapsing, Colorado was in a mining depression and without jobs people were forced to leave."
Sanders, whose manuscript, "The Gentiles: Their Life and Legacy," includes a history of The Weekly Reflex, said the Eppersons struggled to keep the Iris alive. Increasing print costs, waning subscriptions and dwindling profits proved too much.
In 1909, news of land speculation and fruit booms in Green River, Utah, persuaded the family to pull up stakes and move even farther west.
William returned to farming and community life. He helped lead the drive to build a bridge over the Green River and in 1910 worked for the Green River Dispatch. Three years of early frosts and crop losses convinced him that printer's ink was his true calling and sole proprietorship his aim. "If you see a weekly around in Utah that's selling cheap, let me know," he encouraged friends.
The Reflex was named to reflect reality. When William took over as editor and managing director on April 4, 1912, the paper was saddled with a $2,000 deficit. His first two issues resembled most weeklies: local news and "boilerplates" of ready-to-print copy and revenue-driven advertisements, such as "Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and various catarrh [runny nose] remedies," the UPA reported.
But Epperson understood the impact and value of news. On April 15, 1912, his publishing acumen was unparalleled.
The day before, the British passenger liner RMS Titanic was on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City when she hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sank. An estimated 705 people were rescued but more than 1,500 perished.
Without delay, syndicated news services offered weeklies their reports. Epperson grasped the opportunity to give his readers first-hand accounts about a maritime disaster that shocked the world.
The Reflex captured readers' imagination with images, investigative inquiries, tales of courage and stories by those who survived the Titanic and of those who died.
The paper's circulation soared and advertising copy increased. For nearly two decades, Epperson modernized the paper, expanded its home print and highlighted school sports and activities. Gleaning numerous journalism awards, he was progressive with content and fearless in his editorials.
A city councilman and long-time UPA president, Epperson ran the paper until his death in January 1931. In tribute, The Salt Lake Tribune reported, "The country press lost a sterling character — a stalwart champion on the public welfare." 
EPPERSON William Perry (I97)
854 Samuel is living with his mother Mary Carwil (Carwile) whom remarried after Abraham Pendell died during the civil war and brother Peter Pendell. PENDELL Samuel (I378)
855 Sarah is listed as a widow. Census record also spells her name as Sara. BRYANT Sarah Jane (I109)
856 Sarah reports being the mother of ten children, nine living.

Sarah and her brother Austin were both living in Dallas County, MO in the 1900 census. 
DILLON Sarah (I188)
857 Sarah was alive in 1868 to give birth to Laura but missing from the 1870 census. EPPERSON Sarah A. (I102)
858 Sarah's death certificate list Frank Ireland as husband. Family F181
859 Sarah's death certificate list mother as Catherine Miller and father as John Stone. STONE Sarah (I355)
860 Sarah, daughter of William and Cherry is living in the household just above William and Cherry. Francis Irland is listed as husband. Source (S185)
861 See Find A Grave on Jesse Thacker, there is a very extensive entry about his life. 
THACKER Jesse (I853)
862 See notes on the death of Andrew and Mary Behan. Records are from the St. Patrick's cemetery in Lagro, Wabash Co., IN BEHEN Andrew (I29)
863 Served in Japan and the Philippines. ASH Robert Joseph (I12)
864 Several ancestral histories give Daniel's middle name as Kelsey. His tombstone and county biography only give K. However, his mothers maiden name was Kelsey so this information is most likely accurate.

Date of birth is calculated from tombstone
48 years 1 month 23 days
Died June 18, 1866 
FITZJERRELL Daniel Kelsey (I146)
865 Social security death index list death date as Oct 1, 1966, death location Los Angeles and maiden name of mother Dillon BURCHAM Grover M (I304)
866 Social Security Death index list parents for Jewell Hagerman as Martin L Sappington and Sallie Butcher SAPPINGTON Jewell Mary (I290)
867 Son Oscar Ash Death Certificate list parents as Jesse Ash and Hannah Mercer MERCER Hannah (I908)
868 Source found on Google Books Source (S256)
869 Source:
California, County Marriages, 1850-1952 [online database]. Lehi, UT, USA: MyHeritage (USA) Inc.

Elmer L Davison & Estella M Colbert
Country: USA; State: California; County: Los Angeles; Folder: 5698383; Film: 2074017; Page: 261; Image: 930

Estella M Colbert
Birth: Circa 1885
Marriage: June 9 1908 - Los Angeles, California, United States
Husband: Elmer L Davison
Parents: Daniel W Colbert, Elizabeth Lynch 
Family F261
870 Sponsors listed as Dan. W. Colbert and Julia Colbert. ASH Ralph Adelbert (I7)
871 Sponsors were Jeremiah Lynch and Mary Lynch. HAYS Bartholomew (I829)
872 Sponsors were Joannas Lennard and Helen Downing. HAYS Ellen T. (I813)
873 Sponsors were John Downing and Maria Green. HAYS John (I761)
874 Sponsors were Michael Downey, probably Downing and Helen Burns. HAYS Marian (I739)
875 Sponsors were Thomas Graham and Margaret Lynch. HAYS Bartholomew (I777)
876 Sponsors were William Condon and Honora Curran. HAYS Johanna (I87)
877 Sponsors were William Leeman and Maria Curran. HAYS Margurette (I811)
878 Squire B Sappington 35
Jemima Sappington 35
Martin L Sappington 6
Graudis B Sappington 5
Elizabeth J Sappington 3
Jane Jameson 33 
Family F82
879 St. Mary's Catholic cemetery records and personal visit. STANTON Elizabeth C. (I24)
880 St. Mary's cemetery records in Bloomington, IL and personal visit to the cemetery. BEHEN Michael Joseph (I23)
881 St. Mary's cemetery records list Nellie's maiden name as Staunton, father Peter and mother Helen. Her date of death is listed as May 8, 1919 and she was the wife of Joseph "Joe" Spence. It also gives Nellie's birth as 1850. STANTON Ellen (I54)
882 Stephen served in Jessie's Scouts from 1861 until 1864 and then enlisted in Company G, 17th regiment for Virginia. It appears Stephen served as a union spy in the Scouts and then joined the south in as a legitimate partisan.

Link to Jessie's Scouts:
MAHANEY Stephen (I37)
883 Tabitha's birth date is calculated from the information given on her tombstone. The middle initial of A. is also taken from the stone.

Tabitha A. wife of J.W. Ash
Death February 18, 1884
Age 41 years, 1 month and 7 days 
FITZJERRELL Tabitha A. (I28)
884 Tackitt, George W. Age 29. Residence Osage County, Mo., nativity Missouri Enlisted Sept. 23, 1862. Mustered Oct. 3. 1862. Transferred to Company M, Fifth Veteran Cavalry Consolidated, Aug. 8, 1864

The 5th Regiment, Iowa Cavalry was organized as Curtis Horse by order of General Fremont. Companies "A," "B," "C" and "D" organized at Omaha, Nebraska, September 14 to November 13, 1861; Company "E" at Dubuque, Iowa; Company "F" in Missouri, as Fremont Hussars, October 25, 1861; Company "H" at Benton Barracks, Missouri, December 28, 1861; Companies "G," "I" and "K" as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Independent Companies, Minnesota Cavalry, at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, October 29 to December 20, 1861; Company "L" as Naughton's Irish Dragoons at Jefferson City, Missouri, and Company "M" as Osage Rifles at St. Louis, Missouri, November 1, 1861. The regiment mustered out August 11, 1865.
Information from:,_Iowa_Cavalry
TACKETT George (I242)
885 Taken from Daniel's death certificate. BEHEN Daniel, Sr. (I31)
886 Taken from Daniel's death certificate. BEHEN Daniel, Sr. (I31)
887 Taken from Michael J's death certificate. BEHEN Michael Joseph (I23)
888 Taken from various census records. BEHEN Norine (I57)
889 Thanks to Sterling and his hard work restoring and indexing the cemetery. Source (S244)
890 The 1840 census list Elijah Ash living in the township of Wilmington, Green County, IL. Listed living with Elijah was one male under age of five, two males age five to ten, two males ages ten to fifteen, one male age fifteen to twenty, two females under the age of five, one female fifteen to twenty and one female forty to fifty. Like the 1830 census these ages fit well with the more detailed 1850 census records. Based on these two census records I have change the birth place from KY to IL for the children. ASH Elijah (I33)
891 The 1850 census finds Louisa living with twin sister Lucinda and father Samuel Lambeth. LAMBETH Louisa (I44)
892 The 1850 census list two daughters: Jane Berry and Hannah Tyree. These two daughters have also been documented in the Annals of Benton county, page 151-152. The Tyree Tree by Watts does not list a Jane but does list an Elizabeth as a daughter of John and Mary. There is a marriage record for an Elizabeth Tyree in the Benton county marriages, but no link to John has been found. The 1840 census only list two daughters for John and Mary. I am not sure where Elizabeth fits into this picture. TYREE John Claiborne, Jr. (I490)
893 The 1850 census records Elijah Ash living North of Apple Creek, Green Co. IL. Living with Elijah was Mary A., age 32 his second wife. The children from his previous wife were also list. William age 21, J. Monroe age 19, Caswell age 16, John age 14, Delilah age 12, Margaret age 10. The census records all these children were born in Illinois, another reason to deviate from the Ancestral file record. Children of Elijah and his second wife Mary A. are listed as Elijah age 4, Jackson age 3, Jesse age 1. ASH Elijah (I33)
894 The 1870 census has John (Jno) Ash, age 34, living in Butler, Montgomery Co., IL. The record list John as being born in IL. Living with John was Tabitha age 27, born in IL and Leonia age 9 born in IL. ASH John Wesley (I27)
895 The 1870 census list Anne age 45 living with Mary age 15. WICKHAM Mary Elizabeth (I15)
896 The 1870 census list John Cathey living with his daughter Mary A. Epperson, children from his last marriage to Sarah Epperson: Sarah, George and Laura. Also are Mary's two younger children.

George Robert is listed as a son in John Cathey's will dated August 3, 1872. 
CATHEY George Robert (I310)
897 The 1870 census list John Cathey living with his daughter Mary A. Epperson, children from his last marriage to Sarah Epperson: Sarah, George and Laura. Also are Mary's two younger children.

Laura Elizabeth is listed as a daughter in John Cathey's will dated August 3, 1872. 
CATHEY Laura Elizabeth (I311)
898 The 1870 census list John Cathey living with his daughter Mary A. Epperson, children from his last marriage to Sarah Epperson: Sarah, George and Laura. Also are Mary's two younger children.

Sarah Matilda is listed as a daughter in John Cathey's will dated August 3, 1872. 
CATHEY Sarah Matilda J. (I309)
899 The 1880 census finds Mary living with her family in Coe, MI. Family members listed:

Michael O'Boyle age 39
Mary O'Boyle age 41
Elizabeth O'Boyle age 13
Jonathan O'Boyle age 10
Nellie O'Boyle age 7
Kittie O'Boyle age 2 
STANTON Mary A. (I53)
900 The 1880 census has Michael J and Elizabeth are living in Council Bluffs, IA. No doubt Mike, as he was listed in 1880, had moved there due to his work on the railroad. However, his occupation was listed as laborer. The family must have been in Iowa for at least part of one year because Frank's birth place is listed as IA in this and all subsequent census records. Frank was born in March and the census was done in July. By 1882 the family was in MO, Norine's birth place is consistently listed in the census records as MO. BEHEN Michael Joseph (I23)

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