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651 On the 1910 census the family reported being married 27 years. Nellie also reported being the mother of twelve children, ten of them living. Family F156
652 On the Iowa state census of 1925 Robert reports his father as Daniel W. Colbert and mother Julia Spellman, his parents marriage location as Nebraska. Birth place of his father as Pennsylvania, his mother as Nebraska and himself as Nebraska. COLBERT Robert D. (I841)
653 On the marriage certificate it list father of bride name as Christian. I can not be sure this is a last or first name. MENDA Anna (I127)
654 On the marriage record Frank reports fathers name as Andrew and mother name as Mary Darling. Frank also reports being a bachelor.

Anna gives fathers name as Christian and mother as Barbara. Anna reports being a widow.

Both Frank and Anna give address as Detroit, MI 
Family F46
655 On Winneford's death certificate she is listed as a widow. CASTO Hiram Eugene (I98)
656 On-line listing give a death date of 1879, however Issac was alive during the 1880 census (June 1880). LAWLER Isaac F. (I125)
657 Original record records the marriage as December 5, 1850. John's obituary gives a date of December 25, 1850. Family F33
658 page 148 Family F32
659 Page 25 Captain CATHEY George (I160)
660 Page 6 of the pension file is part of the questions George had to personally answer to obtain his pension. Captain CATHEY George (I160)
661 Page three of the pension file states where he is currently living and age. Captain CATHEY George (I160)
662 Paper back book with notes and maps of small cemeteries in Benton County. Source (S238)
663 Papers from the Bewley family history give a birth date of February 26, 1820. Maria/Mariah's tombstone gives a birth date of July 26, 1820. FITZJERRELL Maria (I203)
664 Parents listed as Mack Lambeth and Martha Burgess. LAMBETH Leander Pierce (I271)
665 Parents listed as:

Jackson Perkins and Eliza Lambeth
Husband: Robert O Lea 
PERKINS Rebecca Susan (I178)
666 Parents listed on death certificate as George N Rand and Lucinda Lambeth RAND Sarah E (I347)
667 Parents of Oliver Spry are given on Oliver's death certificate. George D. and Mary Ann Triplet Spry. Family F7
668 Parents on death certificate listed as Richard P. Sappington and Anna Mae Horning SAPPINGTON Raymond Richard (I325)
669 Parents: Andrew and Mary Beahan
Sponsors: Bartholomew Thomas and Mary Lyons
Rev. P Rafferty 
BEHEN Daniel, Sr. (I31)
670 Partial text of the will of George Tucker
In the Name of God the Creator almercifull (sic) I George Tucker the elder of Lunenburg County in sound and disposing mine and memory make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the manner and form following that is to say I recommend my soul to almighty God hoping to obtain mercy and salvation through the merits and mediation of my dear redeemer blessed forever....
to my Daughter Milly Clay, and her heirs forever. I give devise and bequeath my negro Girl Sue and all her increase to my Daughter Biddy Tucker and her Heirs forever. I give Devise and bequeath my negro boy Isaac to my son Lew Tucker and his Heirs forever. I give and bequeath to my son William Tucker and my Daughter Fanny Coleman one shilling each having provided for them already I give devsie and bequeath unto my sons Henry Tucker, George Tucker and Joseph Tucker, the sum of Five pounds cash to be paid them after the decease or marriage of my said Wife as before directed to them or their Heirs forever and it my particular meaning and intent that in the Division of Land as before directed between my sons Joel and Robert my said son Robert Tucker have his hundred acres to include the plantation and all the rest and residue of my estate real and Personal of whatever kind to be equally divided among my five youngest children to wit, Joel Tucker Lew Tucker Robert Tucker Milly Clay

TUCKER Milly (I525)
671 Passenger list shows Edward L. age 36 immigrating with a Margaret age 25 and Thomas age 2. Immigration list Ireland for the country to which they belonged, no ship name is give and the exact date is not know. Date is listed as the last quarter of 1825. DILLON Edward L (I68)
672 Patrick Dowling's death certificate list name as mother as Helen Highland.

Highland in Ireland and most of the U.S. is spelled Hyland or Hiland, from:

The book of Irish families, great & small
By Michael C. O'Laughlin
Edition: 3, illustrated
Published by Irish Roots Cafe, 2002 
Family F42
673 Personal visit to the cemetery and was able to get a clear reading of death date.
MILLER Elizabeth S. (I406)
674 Photo of tombstone on find a grave clearly shows date of birth for Oliver P Rand (O.P.) RAND Oliver P (I407)
675 Photo of tombstone on find a grave clearly shows date of birth for Oliver P Rand (O.P.), death date is not quite as clear on the tombstone, I will make the assumption the person who took the photo was sure of the death date. RAND Oliver P (I407)
676 Pinkie reports being a widow and living with son Callie. SNAVELY Pinkie A. (I573)
677 Pinkie reports on the 1900 census she is the mother of three children, two living. The two living would be Gracey and Everett. DILLON Unknown (I578)
678 Pinkie reports on the 1910 census being the mother of six children, three living. The three living children would be Gracey, Everett and Gertrude Fay Dillon. DILLON Unknown (I579)
679 Pioneers of Pettis states Rebecca married John God fry and is burried in family plot. There is a Godfrey cemetery in Pettis county, three known burials. MAY Rebecca (I382)
680 Place of residence listed as Kansas City, MO in father John's obituary. MCFATRICH Samuel (I64)
681 Plot: Acacia, Lot 5312, Space 3, Wife Nora is in space 4 BURCHAM Grover M (I304)
682 Plot: Acacia, Lot 5312, Space 4, Grover is buried in space 3 Family F89
683 Plot: Eventide, Map 1, Lot 3561, Space 3 BURCHAM Rosa Lee (I301)
684 Probate file (1884) of father Joseph Lambeth list "heirs of Mary Tacket" LAMBETH Mary (I227)
685 Probate file is dated August 1853 and states Moses died without a will. List of heirs are:

Living in Osage County:
Elizabeth Rand-Widow
Sarah Ann Hibler
Oliver P Rand
George N Rand
Martin Rand
John G Rand
Amanda Jane Rand
Mary Louisa Rand
Avaline Rand
Anderson M Rand
"All residing in Osage CountyMo excet Oliver P. Rand who ? in California." 
RAND Moses (I405)
686 Probate file list exact date of death for Joseph McKnolly MCKNOLLY Joseph (I31)
687 Probate file list residence of Rebecca Lea as Iberia, Missouri PERKINS Rebecca Susan (I178)
688 Probate file of Andrew J Perkins and M.J. his wife dated February 24, 1926 list residence of Azula Jones as Farmersville, TX PERKINS Elizabeth Arzula (I177)
689 Probate file of her father Joseph Lambeth dated 1884 reads "heirs of Martha Agee" LAMBETH Martha (I229)
690 Probate file of Paralee's father list "Heirs of Paralee Howerton" Family F61
691 Probate of Elijah Ash estate list Amos R. as an heir. ASH Amos R. (I40)
692 Probate of Will is dated April 8, 1907-Osage County, Missouri LAMBETH Lucinda (I43)
693 Probate records list Rebecca as John Godfrey and wife. MAY Rebecca (I382)
694 Purchased 36.43 acres in Macoupin County, Illinois. March 5, 1834. Land purchased was section 7 township 9 range 9. Residence was listed as Greene. FITZJERRELL Ely (I127)
695 Reading of tombstone photo RAND John Graham (I409)
696 Reading of tombstone photo RAND John Graham (I409)
697 Recent discovery of the Mosby cemetery has uncovered William Jr.'s tombstone. His tombstone confirm the birth and death dates. MOSBY William, Jr. (I400)
698 Remains intered with his mother on September 21, 2010 WITHERS Gary Joseph (I102)
699 Reported in the 1900 census his emigration from Ireland in 1864. LITTLE James (I66)
700 Reported on the 1920 census Everett was born in Arkansas
Reported on the 1910 census Everett was born in Missouri
Reported on the 1930 census Everett was born in Missouri 
DILLON Everett (I575)

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