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151 See notes on the death of Andrew and Mary Behan. Records are from the St. Patrick's cemetery in Lagro, Wabash Co., IN BEHEN Andrew
152 The cemetery records from Lagro Township Cemetery records of St. Patrick's Cemetery list

Andrew Bahan buried 10/26/1866
Daniel Bahan buried 10/18/1851
Daniel Bahan born Suncraft(Suncroft), Kildare Co. Ire buried 3/4/1870 age 51 years
Mary Bahan born Ireland buried 4/12/1884 age 82 years.

I believe this Andrew is the father of Michael. There is no other record of an Andrew Behen given in the 1870 census and only a handful of Andrew Behen's born in Ireland in the 1860 census. The Daniel whom died in 1870 may well have been a brother (younger, I think) of our Andrew. The Mary Bahan my very well be the wife of Andrew.

* See notes on Mary Bahan. 
BEHEN Andrew
153 There were very few heads of households in Philadelphia, PA at the time of the 1840 census with names which come close to resembling Andrew Behen. I believe this is our Andrew for a variety of reasons. First the place is correct, Philadelphia. Second the ages of the adults (female and male between the ages of 20 and 30). Third the ages of the children, two males under the age of five. This would correspond to the 1860 Wabash census. The two males are John and James, both would have been under five in 1840. No other children are listed. Also the information corresponds with the 1850 census. As an added point of interest the Spring Garden district in Philadelphia was a heavily Irish area with railroad connections. The baptismal records of the younger Behen children were found at St. Francis Xavier Catholic church in the Spring Garden district of Philadelphia, PA. Finally, John's birthplace in the 1860 census is given as Ireland and James as PA. John would have been born in 1837 and James in 1840. This places the family as new arrival's to the United States right around the time of James's birth. BEHEN Andrew
154 This census record list is the closest to the correct people and ages I have found in 1850: Andrew, Mary, John, James, Michael and Andrew. But, it list a David where Daniel should exist. However, in Ireland David and Daniel are considered the same name. It also list everyone born in PA. I don't know if this represents a mistake on the census takers part or Mary, busy with a house full of small boys just gave the easiest answer or this is not our family. However, there is no other family I have found which meets our criteria. We know from Michael's birth date and place (1845, Philadelphia) the family was in the U.S. at this time. I have found no matches in Ohio or Indiana. It would have been strange for them to have diverged from the PA to OH to IN migration path. New York or any other Irish conclaves seem to be an unreasonable choice. The baptismal records of St. Francis Xavier also support this census record. Daniel, Michael and Catherine were all baptized at this Catholic church in the Spring Garden district during the 1850's. Their baptismal records and the ages on the census records also agree. BEHEN Andrew
155 #15915 page 159 BEHEN Catherine
156 Baptismal record of St. Francis Xavier in Philadelphia list date of birth as October 6, 1850. BEHEN Catherine
157 Catherine Behan
Parents: Andrew and Mary Behan
Sponsors: Martin Bowes and Mary Behan
Rev. P. Rafferty 
BEHEN Catherine
158 Death certificate list residence in Ohio as twenty years.

At place of death as two years. 
BEHEN Catherine
159 Informant on the death certificate was M.J. Dowling, son of Patrick Dowling. I believe M.J. (Michael) to be Catherine's nephew. BEHEN Catherine
160 Baptismal record of St. Francis Xavier in Philadelphia list date of birth as September 15, 1843 BEHEN Daniel, Sr.
161 Daniel was living with his family in Waverly, Morgan Co., IL BEHEN Daniel, Sr.
162 Daniel was living with his wife Ellen Martin and son Frank in Jacksonville, IL BEHEN Daniel, Sr.
163 Michael J's obituary from the Bloomington Pantograph states he had a living brother Dan from Jacksonville. Jacksonville, IL is about 50 miles from Bloomington, IL. There are many Bahan's from this area. BEHEN Daniel, Sr.
164 Parents: Andrew and Mary Beahan
Sponsors: Bartholomew Thomas and Mary Lyons
Rev. P Rafferty 
BEHEN Daniel, Sr.
165 Taken from Daniel's death certificate. BEHEN Daniel, Sr.
166 Taken from Daniel's death certificate. BEHEN Daniel, Sr.
167 Daniel Jr. was listed as only living child in the obituary of his father Daniel Sr. BEHEN Daniel J.
168 Daniel Jr. was six months old when the 1880 census was taken. This places his birth December of 1879. Calvary Cemetery records show a birth of December 19 1879 or 1880. From the census record it must be 1879. BEHEN Daniel J.
169 1910 list Ed living in St. Charles, MO with his father Michael J and mother Elizabeth C. Behen. Ed's brother Harold and sister Helena were also living with the family. Ed reports his occupation as a clerk in an office. BEHEN Edward Stanton
170 After working on the Panama Canal, Ed Behen and family returned to the U.S. on April 20th, 1921. They arrived back home on the ship "Panama", Ed listed their U.S. address as 505 Clark Street, St. Charles MO. Father Jack (Michael John) was born while the family was in Panama and Bob "fell over board" while on the ship. According to family legend he fell into a lifeboat on the side of the ship. BEHEN Edward Stanton
171 An article in the March 24, 1950 Sedalia Democrat about the upcoming 1950 census Ed is listed as an urban crew leader for the census. BEHEN Edward Stanton
172 Ed did not serve in WW II but his draft card conferms several facts

Birth: December 19 1888
Birth Location
Height Weight Complextion 
BEHEN Edward Stanton
173 Edward baptismal record is from Holy Trinity Church in Bloomington, IL. Baptism record gives a birth date of December 19th which contradicts the birth certificate of December 12. BEHEN Edward Stanton
174 Edward's birth certificate list parents as Michael Behm age 43 and Lizzie Behm (Stanton) age 35. Place of birth Bloomington, McLean, IL. BEHEN Edward Stanton
175 In 1900 Ed (Edward Stanton) age 11 was living in Bloomington, IL with his parents Michael J. and Elizabeth C. Behen. Other family members listed were Frank X. age 20 working as a machinist, Norine 17, Helena age 13, Harold A age 7. Michael list his place of birth as Pennsylvania and the birth place of his parents as Ireland. Libbie list her birth as Michigan and her father as Ireland and her mother born "at sea". BEHEN Edward Stanton
176 Cemetery records of St. Mary's in Bloomington, IL and personal visit. BEHEN Francis
177 Exact date of birth is from Frank Behen's tombstone in Bloomington, IL BEHEN Francis
178 Exact date of death is from Frank Behen's tombstone in Bloomington, IL. His obituary states he had gone to Eureka Springs for his health. BEHEN Francis
179 Family listed under M. Bahan BEHEN Francis P.
180 Francis (Frank) reports being a bachelor when he married Anna in 1911, it is highly unlikely there were any children from this union. BEHEN Francis P.
181 Frank had married an Anna between 1910 and 1920. The name of his landlord in 1910 was Anna Winters. His wife Anna in 1920 has the same birth date and place as the landlord Anna from 1910. A further search revealed a marriage record for Frank and Anna in Essex Co., Canada. BEHEN Francis P.
182 Frank was listed as a brother of Michael in Michael's obituary (1922). There was no mention of Frank in his other brother, Daniel's obituary in 1927. There as has been no record of Frank found in the 1930 census and wife Anna is listed as a widow in the 1930 census. BEHEN Francis P.
183 Middle initial P. is given in the 1879-1880 Toledo, OH city directory. BEHEN Francis P.
184 Harold is listed in both the California death index and the Social security death index. Both index list the place of death as San Bernardino, CA and the date of death as January, 1977. BEHEN Harold Adlai
185 Harold was living with his sister Norine and her husband Thomas Campbell. Father Michael Behen was also living with the Campbell's. BEHEN Harold Adlai
186 The 1930 census list Harold and his wife Lauretta living with her mother Mary Caron. Also listed in the house hold is a Mike A. Behen age two. Presumably this is the son of Harold and Lauretta. BEHEN Harold Adlai
187 The information about Harold's middle name comes from the draft card. BEHEN Harold Adlai
188 Funeral Notice only, no obituary. Notice in the Bloomington Pantograph, October 26, 1918. BEHEN Helena
189 The assumption is Mike is the child of Harold and Lauretta Behen BEHEN Michael Andrew
190 The California death index list a birth of November 1927 which works with the data on the 1930 census. The death index also list a birth of Illinois and his mother's maiden name of Caron, therefor this must have been the child of Harold and Lauretta Behen. BEHEN Michael Andrew
191 Baptismal record of St. Francis Xavier Catholic church in Philadelphia list date of birth as November 15, 1845. BEHEN Michael Joseph
192 In 1860 we find Michael living in Wabash, Indiana. I believe this is our Michael for several reasons. The birth date and place are accurate, parents listed correspond the baby book Leona kept. She list great-grand parents of the children as Andrew and Mary Behen, Michael registered for his military service in 1864 and gave his home as Wabash, Indiana. Finally, from Michael's obituary we know he had a brother Dan and Frank, these two are also listed with the family. The following is the information from this record:

Andrew age 45/8, born Ireland
Mary age 40 born Ireland
John age 23 born Ireland
James age 20 born PA
Daniel age 18 born PA
Michael age 16 born PA
Andrew age 14 born PA
Frances age 12 born PA
Catherine age 10 born PA

The only thing which does not fit with known information is Frances is listed as a girl. There were no other Bahen/Behen....listed in the 1860 census who so closely fit our criteria.
The baptismal records from St. Francis Xavier Catholic church in Philadelphia also correspond with known data and this census record. 
BEHEN Michael Joseph
193 In 1900 Michael J list his place of birth as Pennsylvania, place of birth for his parents as Ireland. His occupation is listed as a locomotive engineer. The number of years married to Libbie was recorded as 22 years. From the date of Franks birth (1880) and this information we can calculate an approximate marriage of 1878. BEHEN Michael Joseph
194 In 1920 Michael J and Harold were living with Norine(Behen) and Thomas Campbell family in Bloomington, IL. BEHEN Michael Joseph
195 Michael J. Behen served in the Army during the civil war. His service was with the 47th Indiana Infantry, Company B. Michael's enlistment card gives his address as Wabash, Indiana. Other information listed is as follows:

Beahen, Michael

Enlistment date: July 24, 1864
Enlistment place: Indianapolis
Age: 21
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 5' 9"
Complexion: Dark
Occupation: Blacksmith
End of service: October 23, 1865--Baton Rouge, LA

We are certain this is our Michael because on his tombstone it states Co. B 47th Ind. Inf. This has been recorded in the McLean Co. cemetery book incorrectly as the 7th Ind. Inf. When the grass was removed from the tombstone the 4 was reveled. Michael also reports on the 1910 census he is a veteran of the Army and his obituary states he was a Civil war veteran.

During Michael's service his unit participated in a expedition to Clinton, Louisiana and participated in the campaign against Mobile and the defences of Alabama. There was also a skirmish near Spanish Fort, Alabama. The regiment mustered out October 23, 1865. 
BEHEN Michael Joseph
196 Michael Joseph Bane
Parents: Andrew and Mary Bane
Sponsors: John McCarron and Catherine McCarron
Rev. P. Rafferty 
BEHEN Michael Joseph
197 St. Mary's cemetery records in Bloomington, IL and personal visit to the cemetery. BEHEN Michael Joseph
198 Taken from Michael J's death certificate. BEHEN Michael Joseph
199 The 1880 census has Michael J and Elizabeth are living in Council Bluffs, IA. No doubt Mike, as he was listed in 1880, had moved there due to his work on the railroad. However, his occupation was listed as laborer. The family must have been in Iowa for at least part of one year because Frank's birth place is listed as IA in this and all subsequent census records. Frank was born in March and the census was done in July. By 1882 the family was in MO, Norine's birth place is consistently listed in the census records as MO. BEHEN Michael Joseph
200 The 1910 census has the family living in St. Charles, MO. Family members listed are:

Michael J: age 65
Elizabeth C. age 54
Edward S. age 21
Helena: age 22
Harold: age 17

This is also the census record Michael indicates he is a veteran of the civil war. 
BEHEN Michael Joseph

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