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101 Also taught at the Liberty and Arlington schools in Sedalia. BRYAN Sylvania Mary (I8)
102 ame: Rose Leeburcham Lay
[Rosa Burcham Lay] 
SSN: 547162330
Gender: Male This is an error
Race: White
Birth Date: 13 Jan 1876
Birth Place: Calhoun Henr, Missouri
[Henry CO, Missouri] 
Father: Wesley F Burcham
Mother: Lucinda M Dillon
Type of Claim: Original SSN.
Notes: Jan 1938: Name listed as ROSE LEEBURCHAM LAY; Feb 1938: Name listed as ROSA BURCHAM LAY 
BURCHAM Rosa Lee (I301)
103 Amel died young, never marring and had no children. DILLON Amel L (I90)
104 An article in the March 24, 1950 Sedalia Democrat about the upcoming 1950 census Ed is listed as an urban crew leader for the census. BEHEN Edward Stanton (I6)
105 Ancestry has this listed as Buschman Family F88
106 ancestry has this listed as Fayet Willen Source (S279)
107 Ancestry has transcribe this record as Mr Samuel Pennel Family F116
108 Ancestry list this as Lafayte Dillon
Pinkie reports being the mother of three children, two living. The two living would be Everett and Gracey. 
Family F183
109 Ancestry message board post list a birth date of November 12, 1907 in Bloomington, IL CAMPBELL Hellen Vida (I69)
110 has family listed under Ireleam Source (S275)
111 has her listed as: Obedient Failor FAILER Obedience (I548)
112 has John Hackett listed as John Tackett. HACKETT John C. (I151)
113 has this filed under Tyae. Lucy, Judith and Sally Tyree are living together and sister Hannah Willard living next door. Source (S265)
114 has this listed as Aught Dillion. Living with Austin is wife Laura and son William.

His sister Sarah Ireland is also in Dallas county in 1900. has this listed as Sarah Ireliam
DILLON Austin David (I2)
115 has this listed under E. Ireland. Frank and Sally are enumerated with son Charlie and his wife Alice and their daughter Mildred. Family F181
116 has this listed under Frank Arlin Source (S278)
117 has this transcribed as: Miss Laura A Grand and Mr. Louis Scott Family F124
118 Andrew Bain
Parents: Andrew and Mary Bain
Sponsors: John McCarron and Mary Ann McCarron
Rev. P. Rafferty 
BEHEN Andrew (I35)
119 Andrew did marry Mary Young, however the marriage date seems to conflict with the birth of their children. Family F42
120 Andrew's age is calculated from the 1860 Wabash Co., IN census. His given age in 1860 was given as 45 or 48. BEHEN Andrew (I29)
121 Ann Kelly's baptism certificate list parents as Maria Anna Wickham and John Kelly. Family F4
122 Anna is listed with the William McGowen family. She is listed as widow, mother-in-law, age 77, born in Germany and immigrated in 1856. MENDA Anna (I127)
123 Anna reports a birth date of September 1839 on the 1900 census.

Her son James's death certificate records his mother's(Anne) birthplace as Tipperary, Ireland and her maiden name as Cass. 
CASS Anna (I788)
124 Anna reports in the 1900 census she immigrated in 1857, her cousin who was living with the family at the time also reports immigrating in the same year. Cousins name is James Powers.

Her son James Bryan's death certificate reports mothers birthplace as Tipperary, Ireland.

On the 1930 census her son Edward indicated the birthplace of his mother was Tipperary, Ireland. 
CASS Anna (I788)
125 Application for military headstone was signed by Rose Stretz (sister). SCHRECKLER William Michael (I362)
126 Application list A.E. Greene as father and Mary E. Hayes as mother with a birth place of Osage City, KS. The SS applications list a birth date as 1896, conflicting with the 1901 on the 1910 census GREENE Harriett Catherine (I384)
127 As with all county histories there are mistakes. Never used as a primary source, only a guide for finding more reliable sources. Source (S227)
128 ASH, Eliza Jane Died 27 Feb 1811 16 Yr 5 Mo Dau of Elijah Ash
Elizabeth Died age 46 Yr Wife of Elijah Ash 
CARROLL Elizabeth (I37)
129 Ashes are unclaimed and stored at Fairmont Memorial Park COX E. Allen (I377)
130 Austin name listed as Ott Dillon. Living family sources have confirmed Ott was a nick name for Austin. Family F55
131 Austin's birth date is estimated from the information given on the 1860 census. WILLIAMS Austin (I209)
132  Last SS benefit was at Shawnee Mission, Johnson, Kansas, United States of America COLBERT Esther (I842)
133 Bailey's death certificate list mother as Sarah Jane Miller and father as John M. Stone. STONE Bailey McClain (I354)
134 Baptismal record of St. Francis Xavier Catholic church in Philadelphia list date of birth as November 15, 1845. BEHEN Michael Joseph (I23)
135 Baptismal record of St. Francis Xavier in Philadelphia list date of birth as February 28, 1848. BEHEN Andrew (I35)
136 Baptismal record of St. Francis Xavier in Philadelphia list date of birth as October 6, 1850. BEHEN Catherine (I36)
137 Baptismal record of St. Francis Xavier in Philadelphia list date of birth as September 15, 1843 BEHEN Daniel, Sr. (I31)
138 Baptismal records did not list a birth date for John. HAYS John (I761)
139 Bart reported on his WWI draft registration card a birth date of 12-17-1872. However, baptism records from St. Peter's in Marshall Missouri states a birth date of December 24th 1871. HAYS Bartholomew (I829)
140 Bartholomew is not listed with the family in the 1860 census, the presumption is he died. HAYS Bartholomew (I777)
141 Based on the birth of David, I think this is off by 1 year. KETCHUM Leonard (I244)
142 Benjamin, Lucinda and her son William moved to Henry county some time after the 1880 census, Benjamin Sutton died in Henry county and the 1900 census finds William (W.E. Rond/Rand) living in Henry county. He is buried in Laurel Oak cemetery in Windsor, thus it is likely he died in Henry county. RAND William Edward (I349)
143 Biography of Leonard Ketchum refers to Edmund H. his brother as being deceased. The biography was published in 1911 so we can assume Edmund's death as prior to this publication. KETCHUM Edmond H. (I246)
144 Biography of mother Pheobe states her son Daniel fought in the battle of Shiloh

The Battle of Shiloh, also known as the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, was a major battle in the Western Theater of the American Civil War, fought April 6–7, 1862, in southwestern Tennessee 
KETCHUM Daniel (I243)
145 Birth and death date was taken from his tombstone and published in "The Tyree Tree" by Dorothy Chambers Watts" The book states:

"A picture of John Tyree's gravestone taken in recent years gives the record of his birth and of his death on 6 August 1839. The grave is located on the east side of Route 721 (Virginia secondary highway) just a short distance from where it intersects Route 674...The gravestone was removed when the area was cut over for timber and burned off. It is now in possession of a great-great-grandson in Roanoke." 
TYREE John Claiborne, Sr. (I484)
146 Birth calculated from the 1900 census. Mary E. (I305)
147 Birth calculated from tombstone. MCFATRICH William (I71)
148 Birth certificate list middle name as Stanton BEHEN Robert Edward Stanton (I4)
149 Birth date calculated from the death record and date on tombstone. WALLIS Mary Ann (I45)
150 Birth date for Thomas is calculated from age given on the 1850 census.

Listed as heir to Samuel Dillon in Chancery case on the estate of Samuel Dillon. 
DILLON Thomas Jefferson (I347)

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