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William Fitzjerrell

William Fitzjerrell-Will-1897

Montgomery County Wills-Book D-pg 253

          I William Fitzjerrell in the county of Montgomery in the State of Illinois do hereby make and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

          First It is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid.

          Second I give and bequeath to my wife all the household goods I own at my death.  Also the contents of her barn also one horse, one cow, and one buggy and set of buggy harness, the foregoing being the part she has chosen and she is not to receive any more of my property.

(missing part)

 are made equal to (Wm Fitzjerrell) who has received Thirty one hundred forty one and 50/dollars.  After they have been made equal.  My desire is that they shall all share equally in my estate provided there is anything left.

          Fourth After all my heirs have been made equal I give devise and bequeath to each on sixth of the remainder if there be any at my death.  My heirs are as follows.  William R. FitzJerrell, Lenora Epperson and Delbert Ash being the children of my daughter Tabitha FitzJerrell Ash deceased, Cyrus FitzJerrell, Naomi Lawler, Harriet Thomas and Merideth FitzJerrell. 

          Fifth I herby appoint my wife Keziah Executrix and my son Cyrus Fitzjerrell co executor to assist her of this my last will and testament.

          In testimony of all which I hereunto sign my name and affix my seal this First day of February A.D. 1897 at Raymond Ill.                                           

                                                                                                William Fitzjerrell


            Whereas I Wm. Fitzjerrell of Raymond in the county of Montgomery and state of Illinois have made my last will and testament in writing bearing date the 1st day of February A.D. 1897 in and by which I have given and bequeathed to my wife Kizziah Fitzjerrell all the household goods I own at my death also the contents of her barn, also one horse, one cow, one Buggy and set of buggy harness.  Now, therefore, I do by this writing which I hereby declare to be a codicil to my said last will and testament and to be taken as a part thereof.  Orders and declare that my will is that the additional

Missing part

Be paid to my wife Kizziah Fitzjerrell over and above the foregoing bequest.  It is my desire that this codicil be annexed to and made a part of my last will and testament as aforesaid, to all interest and purposes.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of January A.D. 1898.

                                                                                                                 William Fitzjerrell


Note:  Codicil:  extra part of will: an additional part of a will that either modifies it or revokes part of it


From Probate File:

List of Heirs and residences

Keziah Fitzjerrell (Widow)                Raymond IL

Cyrus Fitzjerrell                                    Raymond IL

Naomi Lawler                                        Raymond IL

Harriet Thomas                                    Dallas Texas (568 Elm St.)

Meredith Fitzjerrell                            Unknown

William Fitzjerrell                                  Carlinville IL

Lenora Epperson (Grandchild)        Colorado City, CO

Delbert Ash (Grandchild)                   Colorado City, CO