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Foster Sappington-Probate

Taken from:  Boone County Probate Files #1445  Roll C9468


State of Missouri

County of Boone


Richard E. Sappington & Squire B. Sappington of said county makes application to the clerk of the county court for letters of administration on the estate of Foster Sappington late of said county deceased and at the same time tenders a list of the heirs and their place of residence as follows


Mary Sappington the widow (___ estate in the real estate)

Artemisia Allen, Richrd  E. Sappington, Mourning Christian, Alice Sappington all residing in Boone county, Mo.  Squire B. Sappington, Marium Bass of Henry County Mo; Telitha C. Black of Davis County, Mr. Dempsey J Sappington of Audrain county, Mo.







County of Boone:


The state of Missouri, to all persons to whom these presents shall come Greeting:  Know Ye, that whereas Foster Sappington late of the county of Boone died intestate as it is said having at the time of his death property in this state, which may be lost destroyed or dismiss we do in nature if speedy care be not taken of the same: to the —— therefore that said property may be collected do preserved and disposed of according to law.  We do hereby appoint Richard E. Sappington and Squire B. Sappington Jr as administrators of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits which were of the said Foster Sappington at the time of his death with full power and do authority to secure needs disposed of said property according to law, and collect all moneys due said deceased and in general to perform all other acts and things which now are here after, may be required of thereon by law.


                                                                                                In testimony whereof I Warren Woodson

                                                                                                Clerk of the county court in and for the

                                                                                                County of Boone aforesaid have here unto

                                                                                                Signed my name and affixed the seal of       

                                                                                                Said court at office this 28th day of January 1857


                                                                                                                                      W. Woodson Clk

                                                                                                                                      By Wm Sampton Deputy clerk