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Amanda Lambeth McKnolly

Amanda Lambeth-McKnolly  Will-1919

Henry Co. Probate #2197 1928



            I, Amanda E. McKnolly now residing in Clinton, Henry County Missouri, being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this instrument to be my last will and testament as follows to with;-



            I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as speedily as practicable after my death.



            Subject to the right of courtesy of my husband, J.M. McKnolly and subject to his right as husband in my personnel estate I give devise and bequeath all my estate, real personal and mixed of what so ever character and what to ever situate, unto my son, Charles McKnolly subject to the provision herein set forth absolutely and in fee simple but subject to the right of courtesy and marital rights of my said husband.  Upon the condition however that if the said Charles McKnolly dies without issue then said property shall descend to and become the property of my brother, Cleveland W. Lambeth to have and to hole the same absolutely in fee simple subject to said rights of my said husband therein.



            I herby appoint my brother, Cleveland W. Lambeth as executor of my last will and testament and request that he be not required to give bond as such.  In testimony whereof I now sign my name to the foregoing instrument and publish and declare the same to be my last will at this 22nd, day of May, 1919.


                                                                                    Amanda E. McKnolly