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Aaron Lambeth-Genealogy

Aaron Lambeth-Will-1803

Transcribed from the Lamert/Lambeth Family of North Carolina 

Doggett and Martin

Page 25-26



“I Aaron Lambert of the Parish of Hanover in the County of Cornwall of Island of Jamaica Planter hereby make and constitute by these presents my last Will and Testament.  In the first place I give and bequeath unto my nephew Longfield Cox (Cort?) my Bay Horse Saddles and Bridles and Military Accoutrements.  Item I give and bequeath to Frances Fogo (Fogs?) a free woman of colour my Black Horse and all my wearing apparel.  Item I give and bequeath to my nephew Councel Lambeth and my niece Clarissa Lambeth the children of my late Brother Benjamin Lambeth of the state of North Carolina the sum of two hundred pounds Jamaica currency being six hundred dollars to each of them and the remainder and residue of my property I give and bequeath to the Children of my brothers and sisters to be equally divided amongs them share and share alike that is to these who may be alive at the time of my decease it is my particular request that my negroes may be continued at Williamsfield Estate until all my debts are fully paid then to be sold for the best advantage for the purpose above mentioned and I hereby give full power and authority to my executors hereafter mentioned to sell and dispose of all my slaves to and for the aforesaid purposes.  And lastly I nominate and appoint my nephew Councel Lambeth before mentioned together with the Hon. John Mowatt of the parish of St. James and William Leslie of the parish of Hanover merchant to be my executors to carry into effect the before mentioned bequest.  In confirmation of the within, I hereby put my name affix my seal this twenty first day of July in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two.”


*Note from Mrs. E.S. Capstick the genealogist in Jamaica who copied this well in February, 1972:  “It may be of interest that in a list of taxable properties in our possession, dated 1922, Williamsfield, in Hanover, contains about 230 acres, is valued at just over L600 and was used for a ‘grazing’pen i.e. cattle.”

Aaron Lambeth Genealogy


Lambeth Genealogy