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John Claiborne Tyree Jr.

Under family histories on the forum side of this blog you will find information about John Claiborne Tyree Jr.  John was the brother of Obedience Tyree-Dillon and he was the first person killed in the “Battle of Cole Camp”.  John Tyree Enjoy

Dillon Cemetery-Benton Co., MO

Dillon Cemetery in Benton County, MO is now available in the upper tab under “Cemeteries”.  Hope you find this useful.

Wills of our Ancestors

Wills The following wills have been added to the Wills section of the Town Square Forum:   George Tucker-1780 William McFatrich-1869 William Clay-1810 John Tyree-1839 Meredith Dillon Sr.-1857 John Cathey-1872 Squire Boone Sappington-1876 Samuel Lambeth-1860 Aaron Lambeth-1802 Eli FitzJerrell-1854 William FitzJerrell-1897   If you have others you would like to post, please sign-up as a […]