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Nancy Sappington Probate File

The following image was taken from Nancy Sappington’s probate file.  Nancy Sappington was the wife of R. Sappington, probably Richard and the mother of Green, Foster, Squire, Elizabeth, Mark, John, Sarah and Mary Sappington.  The image shows the payment of $51.05 each from Nancy’s estate.  Nancy died in Boone County, Missouri in 1844.  The following names are […]

Nancy and Richard Sappington

     I went to the New Salem Baptist Church and Cemetery yesterday to see the Sappington graves.  It is quite ironic my family is buried there since I have driven past the church and cemetery hundreds of times never thinking I had family buried there.  My mother always told me her Sappington’s were from the […]

Joseph Lambeth

Joseph Lambeth, son of Samuel Lambeth, and father of Judge Joseph Marion Lambeth died in Pulaski County, Missouri in 1884.  The date of his death has frequently been listed on some sites as 1883, however records from his probate file on record at the Missouri State Archives list his death as “about the ___ day […]