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Off track

The trip to Illinois was interesting and productive, however quite a bit different than I had planned.  My goal was to further research on the Ash line but as we were on our way to Illinois Mary Lou presented me with a wealth of information on the Fitzjerrell side of the family from Betty Sue.  […]

It’s been awhile

Well it has been awhile since the last entry!  The end of the school year brings a flurry of activity and occupies most of my time and energy.  Now school is out I will have to try and find a balance between cleaning, gardening, Halloween prep and genealogy.  So far cleaning and gardening have won […]

Show me your documents

          Documentation is the skeleton upon which all good genealogy should be based.  There are many models to follow but for most of us we document what our genealogy programs dictate.  The base program I work with, RootsMagic has fields for dates, places, sources, notes….  I can sometimes become compulsive making sure I have all […]

Ice Storm and Genealogy

[singlepic id=20 w=320 h=240 float=center] My Rose Garden Well the Ice Storm hit about midnight on the 8th and we were without power for over two days.  What does a genealogist due?  Head downtown to the archives, they had power and were open.  There is nothing better than to snuggle up with a role of […]


Well I am pretty well stuck on many of my families.  I have not done much work on my Dad’s side of the family.  It might be time to dust off the notes I have on the Dillon, Bryant and McFatrich families.

What genealogy records to keep?

Like most genealogist I have notebooks filled with copies of census records, court cases, pages from county histories, copies of marriage records, cemetery transcriptions and more. The problem comes when most of the data is entered in to an electronic format and copies of documents are scanned into the computer. How much of a paper […]

E-mails, data and backups

     I took advantage of being home sick today (sinus infection) to work on backing up my databases and entering information and photos many other researchers had e-mailed me over the last year.  With the database melt down back in May I was hesitant to update some of the families until I was sure the […]

Sunday Funnies

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