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It’s been awhile

Well it has been awhile since the last entry!  The end of the school year brings a flurry of activity and occupies most of my time and energy.  Now school is out I will have to try and find a balance between cleaning, gardening, Halloween prep and genealogy.  So far cleaning and gardening have won the battle for my time, but as the temperatures increase outside I am sure my cooler indoor pursuits will win out!  The first week in June took me to Illinois for a solo genealogy trip of three days.  Most of the time was spent in the new Lincoln Presidential library and archives.  There was so much information to go through; I would highly recommend research there if you have ancestors in Illinois.  I only spent two days researching but could spend another week!  However, two days of reading over county histories and cemetery records will make you bleary eyed. 


So what is new?


 At the Lincoln complex I found pictures of William and Elizabeth Fitzjerrell in a history of Montgomery County!  We had no family pictures of the Fitzjerrell’s so finding these made the trip worth the effort.  I also found a record of a will for Ambrose Fitzjerrell in New Jersey, I will have to follow up on this and see if a copy of the original is still available.  I went back to Asbury Cemetery south of Raymond to find William and Elizabeth’s tombstone.  Found it and photographed the tombstone and cemetery.  The first time to Asbury in May we did not find the tombstone, but we had just hiked through the thickets and brush of the Cass cemetery and our energy levels and motivation were low!  Although I did not find a lot of new information I can now cross off my list several counties and cemeteries where the family is not.



Also at the Lincoln archives I found a cemetery listing for a John Ash (1768-1845) in Bowers Cemetery, Scott County.  Scott County is where the Ash family first settled in Illinois and although I don’t have a direct link to John Ash I am sure he is related.  I went to the cemetery and photographed his tombstone and that of his wife Elizabeth.  It was pouring rain the day I made the cemetery trips so the quality and quantity of the photos is a bit lacking.   I also went to Manchester cemetery to get a photo of Elizabeth Ash (Elijah’s first wife) and Eliza Jane Ash (daughter of Elizabeth and Elijah).  Elizabeth’s stone is broken and well worn; Eliza Jane’s is in better shape but not by much.   Manchester cemetery is less than ten miles from Bowers cemetery, which makes me even more certain John is related.     



Not much new information found in Illinois, but I did locate and photograph the tombstones of Daniel Bahan and his family in Jacksonville.  Daniel was the brother of Michael and son of Andrew.   Mary the wife of Andrew is supposed to have a marker in this cemetery but I did not find it, however I do have the phone number now for the parish which oversees the cemetery and perhaps they have a location.  By the way I did find the tombstone for Peter Rabbitt in Jacksonville.  Peter is buried not far from Daniel and his family.  After a long day of research in Springfield and then the drive over to Jacksonville it was rather humorous to stumble upon this stone.  Just before I left for Illinois I did receive information from the dioceses in Philadelphia.  They had located baptismal records for Michael, Daniel, Andrew and Catherine!  I have looking for this bit of information for about twelve years now.  These records confirm the 1850 Philadelphia, 1860 Wabash census and the Ed Behen baby book information.  The information is as follows:


All baptized at St. Francis Xavier Church in Philadelphia, PA


Daniel Beahan

Born September 15, 1843

Baptized October 15, 1843

Parents: Andrew and Mary Beahan


Michael Joseph Bane

Born: November 15, 1845

Baptized:  November 30, 1845

Parents:  Andrew and Mary Bane


Andrew Bain

Born:  February 28, 1848

Baptized:  March 7, 1848

Parents:  Andrew and Mary Bain


Catherine Behan

Born:  October 6, 1850

Baptized October 13, 1850

Parents:  Andrew and Mary Behan


All of the baptisms were done by Rev. P. Rafferty and the sponsors for the children varied between John and Catherine McCarron, Martin Bowes and Mary Behan, Bartholomew Thomas and Mary Lyons, these sponsors may very likely be siblings of Andrew and Mary Behen and represent potential new information. 


My notes from the trip are still in disarray and I have not fully updated the web with some of the new information and documentation.  Another trip is planned, this time to Kentucky to document some original research done by the Ash family, my hope is to find the documentation for information I have received on this family.  I do not wish to offend anyone and disregard their research but I do need the documents for proof.  As I have stated in earlier blogs, nothing goes in to the data bank unless I have at least two documents proving a fact.  This at times can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive, but I believe family members and future generations deserve no less than accuracy.


Well I had better get back to painting the bathroom, unloading the dishwasher and figuring out what’s for dinner.  Where does the time go?


Remember, you are not bugging me.  If you need information or think we have a connection e-mail me!  I will be happy to hear from you!



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