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Dillon Cemetery

Dillon  Cemetery



Transcribed from: Another Job Done by Dianne Peck, page 15.


            Sterling Swearingin has headed up an energetic undertaking of cleaning up this old family burial plot.  The brush had completely overtaken the spot and it had become a hiding place for baby claves as it was in the center of a large cow pasture.  Plans are underway for stump removal, erection of overturned stones and a new fence.

            At some time a loved one spent time to pour a concrete cover over a burial spot in the Dillon Cemetery and erect large rocks for the head and foot stones.  They neglected to scratch any information on the concrete before it dried. (Picture on pg. 13)

            “We carved not a line, and we raised not a stone.  But we left him anyone with his glory.”

            An old newspaper article:

            Died-at Edmonson, January 19, 1900, George, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peak, age 7, of pneumonia.  Burial at the Black Oak Cemetery in the presence of a large number of friends.

            Evidently no marker was ever place for this little one and because of there being tow Black oak Cemeteries, his final resting place is unknown.

            During the final cleanups the stone of D.C. Trump was uncovered.  He died September 8, 1900 at the age of 58.  Could this possibly be the grandfather of Donald?


 The map below shows the location of the Dillon Cemetery.  The Dillon Cemetery is marked as #2 on the map, the Black Oak Cemetery is marked as #1 and the final resting place for John Tyree is marked on the map as #21. 

If the weather cooperates my intention is to visit these three cemeteries this week.

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