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     The Familytomb was created in 2006 to allow free access to the information, pictures and documents I have collected about the surnames in the Familytomb. The information in the Familytomb will always be free and available for all to use. However, as the website has grown so too have the expenses of maintaining the site. In an effort to try and offset some of the cost of running an online genealogy database I have placed ads/affiliate programs on the site. There are literally thousands of ad programs to choose from, but I have selected only sites I personally use and have found to be valuable tools for a genealogist using the internet for research.
     If you are visiting the site and want to help support the Familytomb the right sidebar of the page includes the affiliate program links. When you click on these vendors the Familytomb will get credit if you purchase a subscription from the Familytomb link.  The Goggle ads on the left are advertisements Goggle offers and the Familytomb gets credit if you click through the ad.  The Google ads are supposed to be site specific, so hopfully it will show only genealogy links, not some treatment program ads!


Thanks for visiting and your support,