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Occasionally a visitor to the Familytomb will ask if I will do research for them. I live close to the Missouri State Archives, and can do research for you if your family has a Missouri connection. However, keep in mind the resources at the Missouri State archives are dependent on donations of individual families, counties and historical societies. The collection is extensive for some counties and sparse for others. I have been working with the staff and collections at the archives for fifteen years, but I am not a professional genealogist. Like most researchers genealogy is my hobby. If your search only requires a quick look-up of a source I will be more than happy to do this for free and send you the information.

Familytomb related research:
If your research is related to the surnames in the Familytomb I would never consider charging a “cousin” for research. I would be more than happy to check out any lead which may result in new information on our shared family lines.
Non-Family Research:
If your research is not related to the Familytomb, but you think information about your family might be located within the Missouri Archives Collection I can conduct a search for you for the following fee:
Fee: $20.00 an hour: This is a flat fee which includes mileage, photocopies, transcriptions and research time.

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