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Sarah Dillon-Ireland: Death Certificate

I just received the death certificate of Sarah “Sally” Dillon Ireland today.  Sarah was the daughter of William Dillon and Cherry A. Smith.  I sent for the certificate to confirm a few facts I thought to be true but had little documentation.  The information on the certificate is as follows:


Sarah Ireland

Married: Frank Ireland

Birth:  March 4, 1853

Death: April 15, 1932

Burial:  Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence KS

Residence: 763 Grant, Lawrence, Douglas Co., KS

Birth Place: Benton County

Father:  Bill Dillon

Mother:  Unknown


Aside from now having a precise birth and death, I was intrigued to see William Dillon listed as Bill, I don’t know why I never thought they may have referred to him as Bill.  This might help tracking down a death date on William; I have been looking for a William not a Bill.  There is a listing on Find A Grave for a Mother and Father Ireland in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Lawrence.  I have thought this was Frank and Sally but now with the death certificate we can correctly identify this stone theirs.  Here is the link to Find A Grave:


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