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Mid-Continet Public Library

I recently visited a new genealogy research center in the Kansas City, Missouri area. It is called the Mid-Continent Public Library and it is located off Lee’s Summit road in Independence, MO. In my opinion they have the best resources of any research facility I have visited. County histories from around the nation, family histories, County genealogical periodicals, microfilm, microfiche, and the list could go on. They have also designed the building to be very researcher friendly with copy stations, internet research stations, and the whole place is wi-fi accessible, a researcher’s lounge with vending and a microwave and an outside patio. I was coming home from a conference and only had a couple of hours to spend but I will be back often. If you are with in a day’s drive of Kansas City I would highly recommend you check this place out. Book a room at a local hotel, one day is not enough. I am not sure a week would be either. Here is a link to their site: Mid-Continent Public Library

You can also purchase a library card for $20.00 and access their data bases from home.

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