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Lambeth Cemetery, Osage Co., MO and Documentation

When I began doing genealogy the first family I began research on was the Lambeth family. My mother was a Lambeth and her father was in a possession of a trunk with family photos and documents. This trunk was found by my mother after his death, it had apparently never been opened after he received from his mother. I began to sort through the documents and start research. Not long after I began I found the book The Lambert/Lambeth Family of North Carolina by Mary Doggett and Sophie Martin. There was not much about the family that was not already covered in the book, or so I thought. I then began to research my husband’s family and other lines. I would occasionally work on the Lambeth’s and file the information away. When I began entering the data in to what is now the Familytomb data base I began with the Lambeth family. I recently looked back at the Lambeth data I had entered and realized it was woefully spotty and the documentation amateurish. For the next few weeks I will be cleaning up the data base and completing the documentation. I apologize to any Lambeth researchers who have been on my site. I promise to present a more complete picture of the family in the future. My first step was to revisit the Lambeth cemetery in Osage county, Missouri. The survey of the cemetery was done in 1987 and published by the Osage Co. Historical society has some errors and omissions of tombstones which if digitally photographed and enhanced can be now read more clearly. The information I obtained today at the cemetery is under the “Cemeteries” tab at the top of the page.

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