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Joseph Lambeth

Joseph Lambeth, son of Samuel Lambeth, and father of Judge Joseph Marion Lambeth died in Pulaski County, Missouri in 1884.  The date of his death has frequently been listed on some sites as 1883, however records from his probate file on record at the Missouri State Archives list his death as “about the ___ day of February, 1884” this was reported by his third wife Mary.  I have not located a marriage certificate for Joseph’s third marriage.  However, census records show he was still married to his second wife Rebecca Davis on the 1870 census in Osage Co., MO. and was living with Mary A. in Pulaski Co., MO in 1880.  The history of Osage County does report Joseph having three wives.

Death in Probate File

[singlepic id=86 w=320 h=240 float=center]


    His probate file also includes a list of heirs.

[singlepic id=88 w=320 h=240 float=center]

  Transcription of names:

Wm. Lambeth, Jos Lambeth, Berry Lambeth, Bettie Hood, Emma Pryer, Jane Agee & Heirs of Eli M.J. Lambeth, Heirs of Paralee Howerton, Heirs of Martha Agee, Mary Tackett & L.P. Lambeth. 

 From this information we can conclude Martha, Paralee and Eli had died prior to 1884.  Jesse Jr. is not listed among the heir so it is probable he died prior to 1884 without issue.  I am assuming Berry is Benjamin and Emma Pryer is Prior (based on marriage record spelling).

 With a correct death date of 1884 and a tombstone inscription from the Thompson Cemetery in Pulaski County, MO of 78 years, the birth of Joseph can be calculated as 1806, making Joseph the twin of Lytle.  Mary Doggett and Sophie Martin alluded to this in their book “The Lambert/Lambeth Family of North Carolina”.  This would have given Samuel and Mary Polly Merrill two sets of twins; Lytle and Joseph and Lucinda and Louisa.  Interestingly enough Lytle and Joseph were the first born and Lucinda and Louisa the last born to the couple.

 If I have incorrectly interpreted this information please contact me with any corrections!


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