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Christopher Harris

Will of Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris of Madison County, KY

 Will Book A-page 54, 55.


 It was transcribed by Eileen Niederkorn; I have added some paragraph breaks for easier reading.


            In the name of God Amen. I Christopher Harris being through the abundant mercy and goodness of God tho weak in body yet of perfect understanding and memory do constitute this my last will & Testament and desire it should be reviewed by all as such. Imprimis that I will & Desire that my first Children (Viz) Dabney Harris, Sarah Martin, Robert Harriss, Mourning Jones, Christopher Harrifs, & Mary Jones should have the following negroes (excepting thirty pounds out of my son Dabneys Legacy which is to be paid by the Executors of this Part of my Will for the use & Benefit of my wife and Other Children) (Viz) Ritter and her Children, Pomp, Moses, Allice, George, Betty, Lucy and Delphy the above Negores to be Divided Agreeable to Cornelias Dabneys Seniors


 Will and I do appoint Foster Jones, and Christoph Harrifs as Executors of the above part of this will and as to the Ballance of my Estate I Direct that first my Debts shall be paid out of what money I have by or is owing to me the house where I live I Direct should be finished which together with the tract of land whereon I live, I leave to my Dear & loving wife during her life and at ther death to son Overton Harrifs as to the Ballance of my Negroes (David, Cate, Fanny, Stephen, and Eddy together with my House hold furniture Stock of every kind and Plantation utensels I desire that my wife may have the whole Benefit of them during her life or widowhood and if she should Marry the whole to be sold and Equally Divided amongst her & her children as to my Lands on Muddy Creek I will and Bequeath them as follows, the Drowning Creek Tract of land


 I will and Bequeath to my son John Harrifs the Sycamore Spring Tract to my son Benjamin Harris the tract on which my son Wm. has Built to my son Harris and the Tract Clalled the Holly Tract to my son Barnabas Harrifs and my land in Albemarle County together with the Stock that is thereon I direct shall be sold and that my sons James and Samuel Harris shall Receive of the money as much as Col John Miller & Robert Rodes shall Judge the land to be worth that I will’d to my Other sons Viz to be made Equal to them, as to my three Daughters Viz Jane Gentry-Margret Harris, and Isabel Harris my will and Desire is that Jean Gentry should Receive ten pounds and Margret and Isbel Harris to have fifty pounds apeice out of the Ballance of what my Albermarld land and the Proffits arising from that place and if that should not be Sufficient that It shall be made up to htem out of any of Personal Estate that my wife and Executors after nemtioned shall think best as to my lands on Sinking Waters my will is that if they are obtained it should be sold and Wqually divided amongst my last Set of Children and I do appoint my dear & loveing wife with John Sappington and John Harris to execute that part of my will that respects my wife and her Children as witnefs my hand & seal this twentyeth day of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety four.




Hartly Sappington

Christopher Harrifs

 Rich’d Sappington


 Joseph Wells At a Court held for Madison County on Tuesday the 15th day of March 1794 This Will was proved to be the last will & testament of Christopher Harris by the oath of Joseph Wells, Hartly & Richard Sappington witnefses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Teste Will Irvine


 CMC Typed as spelled in will.

 Transcription found on this site.

My thoughts:

The will of Christopher Harris is important in the documentation of Mourning Harris-Jones parentage.  Morning Harris and Foster Jones were the parents of Nancy Jones wife of Richard Sappington.  Richard Sappington was witness to the will and John Sappington was made co-executor of Christopher Harris’s estate.  However, it is impossible to tell from the will if the Richard Sappington witness is the husband of Nancy Jones and John Sappington the co-executor was the father of Richard.  Given the connection of the Harris, Jones and Sappington families this is most likely the case.




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