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Mid-Continet Public Library

I recently visited a new genealogy research center in the Kansas City, Missouri area. It is called the Mid-Continent Public Library and it is located off Lee’s Summit road in Independence, MO. In my opinion they have the best resources of any research facility I have visited. County histories from around the nation, family histories, […]

Data everywhere!

The biggest problem with data is the time and will to enter the information. For me and many genealogists the thrill is in the hunt, not the data entry. I may come home some days from the state archives with an armful of documents and new information. However, sitting down at the computer and entering […]

Reading Tombstones

     You might have notice in my post about the Lambeth family cemeteries I mentioned baby powder.  There are some genealogists who may be fuming at the thought of using baby powder to aid in the transcription of tombstones.  However, if the tombstone is not readable then the point of having a tombstone has been […]

Google Books

In the past few months I have discovered Google Books.  Google books are scans of original books you can read online; I have found some family and county histories on this site.  Genealogists know one of the biggest road blocks to research is proximity.  There have been many times I hoped the information I needed […]

Family Search Pilot

Family Search Family Search is a family history website provide by the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).  They have been online for a number of years and in the past I have used the information found only as a lead in the hunt for lost ancestors.  They have recently started a pilot program which […]

Behen-Behan’s of Adrian, Michigan

Stanton and Behan Genealogy in Adrian, Michigan   Many thanks to Patti for the following: Catalogue of the Officers, Teachers and Students of the Adrian Union Seminary; Adrian, Michigan, 1852-1853. This is another Google Books find!  The Catalogue list students and academic level for the above listed school year, surnames of Stanton and Behen are […]