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Dillon Cemetery-Benton Co., MO

Dillon Cemetery in Benton County, MO is now available in the upper tab under “Cemeteries”.  Hope you find this useful.

Pointer’s Creek Cemetery-Osage Co., MO

A transcription of the Pointer’s Creek Cemetery in Osage County, Missouri has been added under the Cemeteries tab at the top of the page.  The transcription was taken from “The Cemeteries of Osage County, MO”.  I hope to visit this cemetery in the near future and confirm the dates and names.

Reading Tombstones

     You might have notice in my post about the Lambeth family cemeteries I mentioned baby powder.  There are some genealogists who may be fuming at the thought of using baby powder to aid in the transcription of tombstones.  However, if the tombstone is not readable then the point of having a tombstone has been […]

Footnote Review

Footnote is a newcomer to genealogy subscription sites.  Footnote has made available, through their partnership with the National Archives, original source documents that include information about an individual’s birth, immigration history, marriage, occupation, death, and other genealogical research data.  I was looking for Moses Lambeth’s Revolutionary War pension file this summer and found the entire […]

Nancy Sappington Probate File

The following image was taken from Nancy Sappington’s probate file.  Nancy Sappington was the wife of R. Sappington, probably Richard and the mother of Green, Foster, Squire, Elizabeth, Mark, John, Sarah and Mary Sappington.  The image shows the payment of $51.05 each from Nancy’s estate.  Nancy died in Boone County, Missouri in 1844.  The following names are […]

Roots Magic-Family tree software program

I have added an Amazon link (right sidebar) to the family tree software Roots Magic.  Roots Magic is one of the lesser known genealogy computer programs but don’t let its low profile fool you.  As a family researcher I have tried several different well known programs to house my data, I was never fully satisfied […]

Google Books

In the past few months I have discovered Google Books.  Google books are scans of original books you can read online; I have found some family and county histories on this site.  Genealogists know one of the biggest road blocks to research is proximity.  There have been many times I hoped the information I needed […]

Sarah Dillon-Ireland: Death Certificate

I just received the death certificate of Sarah “Sally” Dillon Ireland today.  Sarah was the daughter of William Dillon and Cherry A. Smith.  I sent for the certificate to confirm a few facts I thought to be true but had little documentation.  The information on the certificate is as follows:   Sarah Ireland Married: Frank […]