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Thompson Cemetery, Pulaski Co., MO

Thompson Cemetery, Pulaski Co., Fort Leonard Wood, MO



I have not visited this cemetery.  The transcription is taken from the “Tombstone Inscriptions Throughout Pulaski County, MO Volume II” 1985.



Surname First Born Death Inscription
Lambeth L.P. 8/21/1851 5/24/1919  
Lambeth Sarah E. 3/10/1852 1/24/1921  
Lambeth Joseph —– 2/24/1884 Age 78 years
Lambeth Mary J. 4/2/1872 6/25/1878 Dau L.P. & S.E.
Wayman Andrew J. —– 12/24/1881 Age 35 years
Lambeth Laurence 12/27/1910 1/8/1911 Son of Fred & Lula
Thompson Ida 3/29/1876 11/12/1889 Dau of J.M. & S.A
Barnhill Robert 12/16/1835 8/16/1887  
Barnhill S.W. —– —–  
Lambeth Roland 5/9/1899 6/30/1916 Son of Wm. & Cora
Lambeth Infant 7/3/1901 7/3/1901 Son of Wm. & Cora
Lambeth Uzella 1/12/1903 7/19/1906  
Robinett Norma 12/15/1929 2/24/1930 Dau of Vernon & Beulah
Foster Mary 12/17/1880 9/18/1924  
Atterberry Clarence E. 2/14/1912 3/6/1928 Son of N.T. & Ellen
Atterberry Ellen R. 4/7/1886 7/4/1917 Wife of N.T.
Thompson Laura J. 3/5/1866 10/14/1916  
Thompson Elizabeth 9/3/1890 9/21/1920  
Atterberry Jasper Lee 12/14/1881 1/31/1925  
Thompson Twins —– —–  
Barnhill Harriet E.              12/25/1891 7/23/1917 Wife of R.B.
Thompson James Henry 7/5/1895 12/31/1917 Son of S.F. & Dollie
Thompson Robert Edward 4/1/1898 2/18/1920 Son of S.F. & Dollie



Additions from “Survey of Private Cemeteries at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO” by S. Gammon, June 1 1953


Thompson Clara Ann 6/6/1893 6/27/1893 Twin
Thompson Sarah Jane 11/11/1852 2/28/1893 Unmarked


Notes from above source:


Robert E. Thompson was the son of Samuel Franklin Thompson and wife Amie Eudolphia Fields.


Lawrence J. Lambeth was son of James Fredrick Lambeth and wife Lucinda Elcie “Lula” Duncan.


M. Uzella Lambeth was daughter of William Benjamin and Cora Jane Lambeth


Robert Barnhill fought in the Civil War with Co. M, 126th IN Cav. As a Sgt.  His wife Rebecca was the daughter of Joseph Thompson


Wife of Andrew J. Wayman was Nancy Emeline, daughter of Joseph Thompson and wife Mary Ann Tucker


Sarah Elizabeth Lambeth was maiden named Thompson


Laura Thompson was maiden named Fields


Jasper L. Atterberry was a twin son of Francis M. Atterberry and wife Nancy Jane Logan.  His wife Mollie Atterberry was maiden named Thompson


Sarah Jane Thompson was born in Phelps Co., MO and died in Pulaski Co., MO



Observations:  There seems to be some discrepancy between the two cemetery surveys a trip to the cemetery may be needed.  If anyone has directions please e-mail me at