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Lambeth-Osage Co., MO

Lambeth Cemetery:


      Located in Osage Co., Missouri just past the town of Freedom.  The cemetery is fenced, but in an overgrown condition.  I have been in contact with the land owner and he was agreeable to restoration of the cemetery.  Any Lambeth researchers who live in the area may contact me for more information on directions to the cemetery and any restoration efforts.  The last survey of the tombstones was done in December of 1987.  I am in the process of resurveying the area and trying to gather more completed data on the tombstones.  I will use the numbering system from the old survey.  Listing starts in the southeast corner and reads right to left (fence side to woods)


December 2008 Transcription by R. Behen

Please contact me if you are interested in the 1987 transcription.




Row Surname First Born Died Inscription
5 Lambeth Mary T. 11-19-1895 12-17-1894 Daughter of Wesley  V  Aveline Lambeth
5 Lambeth Aveline 12-31-1847 07-30-1893 Wife of Wesley H.
5 Lambeth Lytle G. 05-16-1871 01-21-1893 Son of Wesley H. and Eveline Lambeth
5 Lambeth Jesse 06-11-1819 09-08-1891 Verse at the bottom to faint to read
5 Lambeth Agnes P. 03-14-1815 08-17-1888 Wife of Jesse
5 Lambeth Albert 03-18-1880 03-20-1880 Son of W.H. & Eveline
5 Lambeth Emma 03-02-1879 03-22-1879 Dau of W.H. & Eveline
5 Lambeth John T. 02-11-1870 01-23-1874 Son of W.H. & E.
5 Lambeth Samuel ———— 12-30-1873 A Native of N. Carolina Died Osage Co. Mo.              Aged About 100 Years
6 Rand George G. 11-07-1874 09-09-1885 Son of W.E. & L.C. Aged 10 Mo 2D
6 Scott Laura Eveline 07-08-1861 10-21-1878 Wife of Lewis C. Scott Aged 17 Yrs 3 mos 13 Dys