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Askins Cemetery-Henry Co., MO

Askins Cemetery



Located on land north of Calhoun, Henry Co., Mo.  Settled by Alfred Askins.  This is a listing of existing burial headstones at the cemetery.


I have not been to this cemetery; the transcription is published here to aid in Dillon and Askins researchers.



Surname First Born Died Inscription
Askins Alfred J. 6/12/1833 3/11/1880 Husband of Julia A.
Askins Julia A. 7/5/1838 3/27/1899 Wife of Alfred J.
Askins William Lee 5/1862 10/6/1864 Son Alfred and Julia
Askins Gussa U. 3/28/1868 2/19/1871 Dau of Alfred and Julia
Askins Eraslus 1/27/1830 12/19/1877 Husband of Amanda Ellen
Aksins Amanda Ellen 5/11/1837 10/5/1875 Wife of Eraslus
Dillion Thomas A. 10/14/1822 1/16/1901  
Dillion M.A. 8/16/1826 12/16/1892 Wife of Thomas A. Dillion
Dillion Mary E. 4/17/1845 5/17/1876 Wife of R.R. Dillion
Myers Catherine 6/9/1809 9/26/1881  
Askins Alfred Harvey 1/20/1861 10/14/1892  
Askins Lucinda   4/6/1878 Age 76
Askins Alfred 2/26/1797 10/09/1859 Husband of Lucinda
Askins F.S. 10/19/1834 2/22/1881